Increase in the authorized capital of the enterprise

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Increase in the authorized capital of the enterprise

In today’s dynamic business environment, the success of an enterprise largely depends on its ability to adapt to changes and use new development opportunities.

One of the key tools that allows the company to expand its activities, attract new resources, and increase competitiveness is an increase in authorized capital.

This is not only a way to strengthen the financial stability of the company, but also a means of demonstrating its reliability to partners, investors, and creditors.

Share capital is not just a number in the founding documents. It plays a decisive role in the vital activity of the enterprise, being the basis of its financial security and solvency.

Increasing the authorized capital can be an important strategic step that opens the door to new business horizons. This allows not only to improve the company’s image on the market but also to provide additional guarantees for attracting investments and loans.

However, the process of increasing the authorized capital is extremely complex and requires consideration of many legal aspects. Mistakes along the way can lead not only to delays, but also to significant financial losses and legal problems.

Therefore, it is extremely important to seek help from professionals who have the experience and knowledge necessary for an effective and legal increase in the authorized capital of your company, which are undoubtedly the lawyers of Prykhodko and Partners.

The process of increasing the authorized capital enterprises can be divided into several main stages, each of which requires careful attention and compliance with legal regulations.

Here are the key steps:

Decision-making at the management level

  • Analysis of the need for capital increase: Determining the need and goals of increasing the authorized capital (for example, expanding the business, increasing working capital, improving financial stability).
  • Consideration of options for increase: Determination of the method of increasing the authorized capital (through founders’ contributions, issue of shares, reinvestment of profits, etc.).
  • Making a decision: Convening a meeting of founders or shareholders to make a decision on increasing the authorized capital.

Preparation and execution of documentation

  • Development of documents: Preparation of the decision of the participants or shareholders, changes to the founding documents (statute) if necessary and filling out the registration form – application.
  • Examination and legal audit: Verification of all documents for compliance with current legislation, including corporate regulations and tax law.

Registration of changes

  • Submission of documents to the registration body: Application to the state registrar (TsNAP) or another relevant body (notary) with a set of prepared documents for registration of an increase in the authorized capital.
  • Receiving confirmation: Obtaining an extract from the state register, which confirms the changes made to the founding documents and the registration of the capital increase.

Contribution of capital

  • Deposit of funds or property: Participants or shareholders contribute additional funds or property to the authorized capital by the adopted decision.
  • Fixation of contributions: Registration of contributions in the company’s accounting.

Our law firm provides a full range of services in the field of corporate law, including assistance in increasing the authorized capital.

We deeply understand the importance of this process for your business and provide a comprehensive approach that covers:

  • Analysis of the existing situation of the company to determine the optimal way to increase the authorized capital.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation, including changes to statutory documents.
  • Consulting on choosing the optimal source of capital increase, whether through founders’ contributions, attracting investments, or issuing shares.
  • Legal support of the process of capital increase, ensuring compliance with all norms and requirements of legislation.
  • Registration of changes in state bodies.

Turning to professionals will not only ensure the legal purity of all processes related to the increase of authorized capital but will also help to avoid potential risks and mistakes.

Our team of highly qualified lawyers is ready to take on all issues, providing your business with reliable support and assistance in reaching new heights.

Let the increase in authorized capital become the key to new opportunities for your company. Contact us, and together we will provide your business with a stable and successful future.

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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support of businesses in Ukraine and EU countries.

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