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Kovalev Artem

Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Fraud lawyer

Fraud lawyer


Kovalev Artem

 Fraud lawyer in Kiev

Whether guilty or not, the court decides.
Our task is to prove your innocence, and we know how to do it.Svyatoslav Ugrin

For a criminal, the situation with civil liability for non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract is the best scenario, since he, having not fulfilled the contract, subsequently plans to not fulfill the court decision to collect the debt or enforce the obligation due to the lack of funds or property to meet the needs of the creditor or the claimant , that is, the victim.

According to judicial practice, it can be argued that the existence of a contractual relationship with the victim in some cases “saves” such unscrupulous counterparties.

 Why do you need a fraud lawyer?

Lawyers who specialize in cases of fraud will say that this act is a premeditated crime, the essence of which is primarily the seizure of someone else’s property, or the right to such property by abuse of trust, or by deceiving the victim.

Fraud lawyer

When concluding a civil agreement, a person acts voluntarily, since the presence of goodwill to conclude is presumed and is one of the signs of its validity (Article 203 of the Civil Code of Ukraine), therefore, in most cases, the person making the transaction acts voluntarily and transfers certain things, money to another person in the order is also voluntary. This procedure is usual for any civil transaction, and at the same time is a characteristic of the objective side of the corpus delicti of fraud. This is one of the reasons for the manipulations of the defendant’s defenders that the actions that the person committed is not a criminal act, but an action within the framework of a civil law transaction.

 Fraud Attorney

Leading lawyers in fraud cases point out that the collected evidence must prove that at the time of taking possession of the property, the person did not intend to fulfill the obligations and this may be evidenced by the nature of her actions, the lack of necessary opportunities, and the like. The subjective side of the crime of fraud, that is, the willful guilt of the person, if recognized, is subject to painstaking proof, which is another vulnerability of the accusation used by professional fraud lawyers. In fraud, a person who has been misled by an abuse of trust is directly involved in the transfer of property or the right to such property and acts as a victim. A peculiarity in such an offense is that the victim is not aware of the application of deception to him (abuse of confidence), and the actions of the accused must be effective in terms of taking possession of someone else’s property.

As you can see, fraud cases require relevant knowledge and skills, which you will find thanks to the experience of our team.

IMPORTANT! How to understand that a lawyer is an amateur or not a professional in criminal matters?

  • The lawyer takes a passive position. For example, when a criminal lawyer is simply being nearby during a search and does nothing (most likely, because he does not understand anything).
  • The lawyer behaves aggressively towards the investigator or operatives. There are situations when a criminal lawyer constantly gets into conflicts, shouts, and frightens law enforcement officers.
  • The lawyer is trying to make friends with the investigator. This often happens when a criminal lawyer asks not to seize something during a search and builds friendly relations with the investigator or operatives. High-quality defense in criminal cases is, first of all, the independence and objectivity of a lawyer.
  • The lawyer claims that you should not do anything and let the investigation look for evidence. This happens in cases of interrogation, when it is recommended to “completely go to Art. 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine ”, instead of fixing the essence of the interrogation and understanding what the person is accused of.
  • The lawyer uses common phrases without understanding criminal law terminology. You have to understand that criminal cases are not civil. For example, when a lawyer says “some kind of certificate”, “something was taken in court” or confuses the statuses “defendant”, “plaintiff” with criminal “suspect”, “accused”.

A good criminal lawyer is either a former investigator or prosecutor who clearly understands how the investigation works or a lawyer with extensive experience in criminal matters, there is no other way! This is especially important if you are looking for a serious crime lawyer!

The main recommendations by which you can determine that a criminal lawyer is really a professional and will not cheat.

Relationship. A good lawyer or law firm always has clients. Relationships should be built like this – you asked for help, it is not a lawyer who runs after you to lure money out. If the opposite happens, be careful!

Office. A lawyer must have an office and not change it for a certain time (at least a year). There are, of course, different cases, but the most important factor in choosing a lawyer is stability. If a lawyer has been working steadily for a long time, then everything is fine with him, and if everything is fine with him, then most likely you will be fine too.

Reviews. Reviews can be viewed in Google or social. networks. At the same time, do you treat reviews reasonably? Read them and grasp the essence. It happens that competitors or other unfriendly people write negative reviews. And it happens that reviews are clocked for a couple of hundred hryvnia.

Media. Today, each person will be best told by his social networks. Come and see them. This will help you understand how your future lawyer lives, what cases he does, what achievements he has, by whom and where he is recognized as a specialist.

An experience. A lawyer should not only convince you that he clearly understands what is happening in your specific situation, he should put on the table the same or similar cases in which he took part and where a positive result has been achieved. If there are only words and there is no evidence – do not believe, every lawyer wants to take money from you. It is important that this money is for the cause, and not for the words.

Contract. A contract with a lawyer is a very complicated thing. Because he makes them every day, but you do not, and it can be difficult to delve into the whole point. Do not be lazy to read! Pay special attention to the lines of the contract – for how long the lawyer undertakes to provide legal assistance, the amount of work, either in hours, or in specific actions.

Important! A lawyer cannot guarantee a won case – but he can clearly define the scope of work. Pay attention to the general phrases “for providing legal assistance” or “comprehensive support of the case” or “all the services of a lawyer at the stage …”.

A situation may arise when you then say – “I paid 5 thousand USD, but you are not doing anything.” And he will say – “I study the materials and prepare one document for the court and I think that this is enough.” And then you will not prove anything and will be forced to look for another lawyer.

Price – a very important criterion, especially in criminal cases. A good professional lawyer cannot be cheap. But at the same time, the price must be justified. Again, if a lawyer takes $ 1,000 and does 5 specific actions for this, this is normal. And when he takes the tighter $ 1 thousand and speaks for the complex management of the case and then does nothing, then this is not normal.

Comparison. Never agree to immediately work with the first lawyer with whom you managed to talk. At least 3 interviews should take place. Then you will be able to understand in comparison who is who.

  • You need a good criminal lawyer. How do you find such a lawyer? Search on the Internet, select several lawyers specifically in criminal cases. Choose at least three attorneys who specialize in criminal law.
  • Next, you need advice on a criminal case. High-quality criminal counseling will let you know whether or not a professional lawyer is, what to do next and how much the services of this criminal lawyer cost.
  • Follow the recommendations of a lawyer, act in concert with him.

Cost of services of a criminal defense attorney

Depending on what status you are in, there are two payment options for the services of a criminal lawyer:

1. Accompaniment of certain investigative actions

It is more suitable for those who are not involved in the case, and are in the case in the status of a witness.

  • express consultation a criminal lawyer by phone without analyzing the situation – UAH 500 to simply describe your rights in order to understand what you can do, what cannot be done and prevent the first mistakes
  • preparation of a response to a request to provide documents – 100 USD

It is important to understand that indeed, according to Art. 93 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine, the investigator has the right to require documents. But what if they are not provided? There is no responsibility for this, but it gives the investigator the right to go and take a court order for a search. Therefore, you need to weigh what is more reasonable for you – to give documents for the request or to sit and wait for a search.

  • escort during interrogation – 100 USD / hour, but not less than 200 USD for investigative action
  • search escort – 100 USD / hour, but not less than 500 USD for investigative action
  • return of seized property – from 500 USD or a percentage of the total cost
  • other investigative and procedural actions are paid hourly at the rate of $ 100. hour of work of the lawyer of the company.

2. Comprehensive conduct of a criminal case at the stage of pre-trial investigation, court of first instance, appeal or cassation.

Comprehensive criminal case management suits a person suspected, accused or convicted. Because it is difficult for a criminal lawyer to immediately determine the scope of work and the strategy of the defense. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the case to make a protection plan and backup options if the main ones do not work.

The cost of the services of a criminal lawyer for each stage is from 3000 USD. up to $ 10,000 depending on the complexity of the case and its size.

How we work on the integrated management of criminal cases:

  • Signing an agreement with a criminal defense attorney and joining the case. This is the first step at which a criminal lawyer in our company’s affairs communicates with you in essence of the case, in order to understand what the essence of the crime is and what exactly I can incriminate you.
  • Familiarization with a criminal case by a criminal defense attorney.

At this stage, you pay – 1 thousand USD. This is the payment for the entry into the case of our company’s crime lawyers. Study of the materials of the criminal case and the formation of a plan and strategy for the defense. When we understand how much work needs to be done, we issue an invoice for the remainder of the payment within the amount mentioned above.

  • It is imperative to determine the success fee of criminal defense attorneys – this is the additional remuneration of criminal defense attorneys for achieving a positive goal in your case. This is a very important point. Since it additionally stimulates the criminal lawyer to achieve a positive result.

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is the best experienced criminal lawyers in Kiev!

Sign up for a consultation, we will definitely find a solution to your problem. If during the consultation we do not convince that we are really professional criminal lawyers, we will refund the money for the consultation!

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Kovalev Artem
Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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