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Search for missing servicemen

Unfortunately, in times of war, disappearances are commonplace. Especially when it comes to military personnel. Tens of thousands of people have been reported missing since the full-scale war. Such data is provided by the Commissioner for Missing Persons. A large number of servicemen who defended our country in the ranks of the Armed Forces or other military formations are currently classified as “disappeared”. That is why the following question remains very important: how to search for missing servicemen. Our experts – lawyers Prykhodko and Partners, who specialize in the affairs of military personnel, will tell you about the correct algorithm of actions.

Who should I contact in the process of searching for military personnel?

Currently, there is no single body in Ukraine that is responsible for searching for prisoners and missing persons. But there are state bodies that perform certain functions of searching and systematizing information. They are united by the fact that they all involve the provision of information on the search for military personnel. However, you should prepare to interact with them. How? Prepare the following information:

  1. Passport data of a serviceman.
  2. Military rank.
  3. Position, battalion, defender’s company.
  4. Data of the commander of the military unit.
  5. Contacts of fellow soldiers.
  6. Information about the TCC and the SP under which he was drafted.

First of all, we recommend contacting the representatives of the Military Committee and the military unit to which the serviceman is attached. During such an appeal, the relatives of the serviceman must receive comprehensive information about the status of the person (missing, captured) and the location of the serviceman. If you have not received such information, the next instance is the National Information Bureau. In addition, you can contact the Security Service of Ukraine and the Red Cross. These authorized bodies will transfer the received information to a special commission dealing with the cases of prisoners of war and missing persons. If at this stage you also did not receive information about the whereabouts of your relative, you can send a request to the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

Important: you should not apply to the above-mentioned authorities simultaneously, but alternately.

TCC and JV play a fundamental role in this matter. The commanders of the military unit are obliged to report the disappearance of a serviceman immediately after the incident (the maximum period is one day). During the week, the family is officially notified, as well as informed about the benefits provided for by the current Ukrainian legislation. All information and documents confirming the status of a military serviceman are stored in the TCC and SP.

Remember: family members and close relatives of a missing serviceman have the right to promptly receive reliable information regarding: his whereabouts, circumstances of death, burial place, etc.

Legal assistance in searching for missing servicemen

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a range of services related to the search for missing servicemen. This includes, in particular: consulting, assistance in drafting legal documents (applications, complaints, court documents). In addition, we cooperate with organizations and institutions that are engaged in searching for military personnel.

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