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Extradition lawyer

Prikhodko Andrey
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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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Extradition lawyer

Extradition is the surrender of a person to the state where you are wanted for the purpose of prosecuting or enforcing a court sentence.

Extradition includes:

  • an official request to establish the place of stay in the territory of the requested state of the person to be extradited, and the extradition of such a person;
  • checking the circumstances that may prevent extradition;
  • making a decision on request;
  • the actual transfer of such a person under the jurisdiction of the State.

Extraordinary verification – is the activity of bodies determined by law to establish and investigate circumstances provided for by an international treaty of Ukraine, other acts of Ukrainian legislation that may prevent extradition a person (extradition) who has committed a crime.

Extradition arrest – is the application of a preventive measure in the form of keeping a person in custody in order to ensure his extradition (extradition).

Temporary arrest – the taking into custody of a person wanted for committing a crime outside Ukraine for a period determined by this Code or an international treaty of Ukraine, until a request for extradition (extradition) is received.

Consultation with an extradition attorney.

Important! Do not sign or speak anything before consulting an extradition lawyer.


Most importantly, you must remember that according to Art. 581 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, you have the following rights:

  • Know on what criminal offense the request for extradition (extradition) was received.
  • The presence of a defense lawyer during interrogations.
  • In the event of arrest – to notify close relatives, family members or other persons of the detention and of the place of their stay;
  • Participate in the consideration of issues related to detention and request for extradition (extradition).
  • Get acquainted with the request for extradition (extradition) or get a copy of it;
  • Appeal against the decision on detention, to grant the request for extradition (extradition). {{1} } At any time before a decision on extradition (extradition) is made, consent to extradition (extradition) in order to apply the extradition (extradition) procedure in a simplified manner;
  • Simultaneously with the granting of consent to extradition (extradition), refuse to apply the special right the boundaries of criminal liability.

A person in respect of whom the issue of extradition (extradition) is being considered, and who does not speak the state language, is provided with the right to make statements, file petitions, appear in court in the language in which he owns, use the services of an interpreter, as well as obtain a translation of the court decision and the decision of the central authority of Ukraine in the language in which it used during the examination.

If the person in respect of whom the issue of extradition (extradition) is being considered is a foreigner and is in custody, she has the right to meet with a representative of the diplomatic or consular office of her state.Andrey Prikhodko

Services of an extradition lawyer

  • Provision of legal assistance, including consultation, verification of documents, preparation of procedural documents and requests, in cases of detention of a foreigner, wanted by law enforcement agencies in order to prosecute or execute a court sentence.
  • Representation of interests (legal protection) of a foreigner in court. In cases of consideration by the investigating judge of a petition for temporary or extradition arrest, appellate contested arrest, if such was chosen by the court of first instance, changing the extraordinary arrest to a more lenient measure of restraint.
  • The period of consideration of such a complaint, the person cannot be transferred to another country).
  • Accompanying the transfer of the criminal case to the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.
  • Checking the border bases and Interpol bases in order to identify the fact of the wanted person.
  • Legal protection of a citizen of Ukraine in cases of his detention in other countries for the purpose of extradition to the competent law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.
  • Transfer of a convicted person to Ukraine to serve his sentence, in cases of conviction in another country.
  • Apply to the European Court of Human Rights, in cases of violation of rights during detention, while staying in places of restriction of freedom, in violation of terms, in violation of the right to defense, etc.

What is an extradition lawyer for?

The main goal is to refuse extradition and release from custody.

It refuses to extradite a person to a foreign state if:

  1. You are a citizen of Ukraine .
  2. In Ukraine, there is no liability in the form of imprisonment for a crime that you committed in another country.
  3. The lines of limitation of criminal proceedings against you have ended.
  4. The country that requires extradition did not provide materials or data that are necessary in Ukraine to make a decision.
  5. Your extradition is contrary to international treaties to which Ukraine is a party.
  6. Your extradition may harm the interests of the national security of Ukraine.
  7. Other reasons are provided for by international law.

In addition, according to international treaties signed by Ukraine, you cannot be extradited if there is a threat (to health or life) or danger (based on race, religion, nationality, citizenship, political convictions, etc.) in the country to which you are planned to be extradited. Also, you cannot be extradited in case of obtaining refugee status in Ukraine, status of a person in need of additional protection, or temporary protection status.

In case of refusal to extradite for citizenship and refugee status or for other reasons, do not exclude the implementation of criminal proceedings at the request of the competent authority of a foreign state. The Office of the Prosecutor General instructs the implementation of a pre-trial investigation against this person in the manner prescribed by this Code.

How we work:

Leave a request in a convenient way for you: through the feedback form by e-mail or call
We hold a meeting, discuss the terms of cooperation
We sign a contract, you pay for the service and we start working on your question right away

Cost of services of an extradition lawyer.

Depending on your status, there are two options for paying for the services of an extradition lawyer:

Maintenance of individual procedural actions is charged on average – 100 USD/hour of a lawyer.

  • express consultation of an extradition lawyer by phone without analyzing the situation – 500 UAH, just to describe your rights to understand what you can do, what you can’t and avoid the first mistakes
  • escort during interrogation – $100/hour, but not less than $ 200 for investigative action
  • legal support – $ 100/hour, but not less than $ 500 for the hearing

Comprehensive management of extradition cases at the stage of the first instance court, appeal or cassation.

The cost of extradition attorney services for each stage is from $ 3,000 up to $ 10,000 depending on the complexity of the case and its scope.

How we work on the integrated management of extradition cases:

Signing a contract with an extradition attorney and joining the case.

This is the first step at which the extradition lawyer of our company communicates with you on the essence of the case, in order to understand what is the essence of the crime and what exactly I can incriminate you.

Familiarization with the materials of the extradition case.

At this stage, you pay – 1 thousand $. This is the payment for the extradition attorneys of our company to intervene. Study of the materials of the extraordinary case and the formation of a plan and defense strategy. When we understand how much work needs to be done, we bill the remaining payment within the amount discussed above.

Be sure to determine the success fee of extradition lawyers.

Additional remuneration for lawyers for achieving a positive goal in your case is a very important point, as it additionally stimulates to achieve a positive result.

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