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Inheritance lawyer

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Inheritance lawyer

Only ideally, the registration of an inheritance is a simple procedure, in which the queue to the public notary is the only unpleasant moment. In fact, by contacting a notary, the heir may be refused. Even worse is the situation when a real war flares up between the heirs for the property of the deceased.

An inheritance lawyer is a specialist who objectively assesses and explains to the heir his chances for a particular solution of the issue, and also accompanies him on the way to achieving the set goal. If you want to formalize an inheritance – a lawyer will help!

What services of a lawyer in inheritance cases can be obtained at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

A huge number of queries “Kiev inheritance lawyer” are entered into search engines. The spectrum of problems related to inheritance is quite wide. Probate lawyers at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm strive to meet the needs of clients, therefore the work is carried out in the following areas:

  • Appealing against actions and decisions of a notary, including invalidation of a certificate of the right to inheritance.
  • Establishment in a court of law of facts of legal significance, which the inheritance lawyer then uses to formalize the inheritance (for example, the fact of family ties, being dependent, living as one family).
  • Invalidation of a will.
  • Division of property between heirs through the conclusion of a notary agreement and in court.
  • Protection of the rights of minors and minors, as well as heirs who have the right to claim an obligatory share in the inheritance.
  • Legal support in the process of inheritance of bank deposits, as well as property that is located abroad (including, an inheritance lawyer is looking for money deposits by submitting notarial requests).
  • Participation in the resolution of disputes between heirs regarding the change in the order of inheritance, removal from the right to inheritance, as well as the inclusion of property in the inheritance.

What benefits does a client get when an inheritance lawyer comes to the rescue?

The circle of heirs is often relatives, close people who have recently lost a person dear to them. But at the same time, material interest incites enmity between these people.

For your information! An inheritance lawyer is an excellent mediator (negotiator) who deeply understands and always takes into account the emotional aspects of the relationship between the heirs. The priority in resolving inheritance disputes is to reach a consensus and conclude a notarial agreement on the division of property without a trial. Moreover, even in the course of a legal dispute, the hereditary attorney considers and offers clients the possibility of concluding an amicable agreement.

If a lawyer comes to your aid, the inheritance is often formalized on a turnkey basis. You will be informed about the progress of solving the problem, but you will not be burdened with interaction with the state. authorities, collection of documents and preparation for court hearings.

What is the cost of an inheritance lawyer?

Since the degree of complexity of each lawyer’s services in inheritance cases is different, the prices are also different. For example, the experience of Prikhodko & Partners law firm specialists includes cases of successful solution of such complex issues as invalidation of a will and recognition of ownership of inherited property in court.

At the same time, we provide one-time consultations by phone and in person to clients who come to our website at the request of “lawyer inheritance Kiev”. Such clients are interested in:

  • the possibility of restoring the missed deadline for filing an application with a notary;
  • solving the problem with the lack of title documents for property;
  • uncertainty about part of the inheritance;
  • recognition of applicants for inheritance unworthy;
  • a number of other points.

If you need a lawyer for inheritance cases: Kiev is a city where you can easily find him. But not every lawyer will deal with complex problems; trust inheritance cases “with pitfalls” only to the best specialists. Among them are the lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm.

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