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Specializes in protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, support of tenders, protection of consumer rights, disputes with insurance companies, legal support in cases of administrative offenses.

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Software copyright registration

Specializes in protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, support of tenders, protection of consumer rights, disputes with insurance companies, legal support in cases of administrative offenses.

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In today’s digital world, software is becoming a key element of business development, technological progress and innovation. However, in the context of a constant increase in the number of developers and competition in the market, the preservation and protection of intellectual property, in particular software copyrights, is of particular importance.

In this article, we will consider the importance of software copyright registration, its benefits for developers, and the procedure for such registration.

Why is it important to register software copyright?

Although according to the current legislation of Ukraine, copyright arises automatically from the moment of creation of the software, the presence of a registered copyright document contains a significant number of advantages and provides many additional opportunities, namely:

  • Protection from competitors.

Registering a software copyright gives developers protection against plagiarism and illegal use of their work. This gives you the opportunity to go to court and demand protection of your rights in case of copyright infringement, such as copying or illegal distribution of software.

This becomes especially important in case of disputes or conflicts regarding the ownership or authorship of the program. A registered copyright document serves as official proof that the developer is the rightful owner of the software and will help protect your software rights in court.

  • Licensing and commercial exploitation.

Registering a software copyright gives the developer the ability to control the licensing and commercial exploitation of his software. This means that he can set the terms of use of his product, receive license fees and control its distribution.

  • Possibility of participation in state tenders.

Participation in government tenders opens the opportunity for software developers to obtain a significant volume of orders and profitable contracts. Such tenders can cover various sectors, including health care, education, finance, etc.

Copyright registration confirms the originality and legality of the software, which is an important factor in assessing its compliance with the requirements of the tender documentation. Government organizations and institutions prefer programs with legal protection, as this guarantees them the security and uniqueness of the software used.

Involvement in government tenders allows software developers to receive a significant volume of orders, improve their reputation and expand their opportunities in the market.

Such contracts often have a large value and provide stability of income for a long period of time. In addition, successful participation in government tenders can serve as an additional advertising tool, increasing the confidence of customers and partners in the quality and reliability of the software.

What is the procedure for registering software copyright?

According to the requirements of the current legislation, the software is protected by copyright as a literary work. This means that copyright protection extends to the text of the code itself and protects not the algorithm (idea), but its material embodiment, presented in the form of a set of numbers, words, codes, schemes, symbols or in any other form that can be read by a computer computer

As in the case of a literary work, in order to register copyright for software (software) it is necessary to collect a package of relevant documents (application for registration, source code, instructions for using the program, receipts for payment of the fee, etc.) and submit it to the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property (hereinafter – UIIP).

After submitting the documents, the UIIV examines the specified documents within a month and, if they are correctly executed, enters the information into the state register of certificates and issues a paper copy of the certificate to the author within 2 months.

Our lawyers will ensure the effective preparation of the necessary documents, complete all formalities and ensure the submission of an application for registration to the competent authority and full support for the registration of your copyrights, observing all established deadlines and requirements. To calculate the price of software copyright registration – fill out the form below! Our specialist will contact you and calculate the exact cost of turnkey registration, taking into account all the nuances!

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