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Registration of a pseudonym of an artist / media personality

In the age of digital technologies and social networks, there are more and more public figures who use pseudonyms to identify themselves.

Singers, actors, bloggers, content owners and other media personalities have the opportunity to protect their pseudonym by registering it as a trademark in Ukraine.

This process helps them secure legal protection and obtain numerous legal benefits.

Among representatives of show business, the most popular and correct way to protect a pseudonym is its registration as a trademark.

Currently, many media personalities have registered their pseudonym as a trademark, in particular, such Ukrainian representatives as Tina Karol, MONATIK, Olya Polyakova, Potap, SASHAABO blogger, TV presenter and blogger Anton Ptushkin, Zlata Ognevich, Nastya Kamenskikh, Verka Serdyuchka, ALEKSEEV, ALYOSHA, Svitlana Tarabarova, Uncle Zhora, Volodymyr Dantes, TAYANNA, Lama and many others.

A pseudonym, whether used by an artist, blogger or other media personality, is an important part of their individuality.


The process of registering a pseudonym in Ukraine

  • Preparation of the application and documentation: The initial stage involves carrying out a preliminary patent search for similarity, drawing up an application, in which the basic information about the owner of the pseudonym is indicated and a graphic image or the usual writing of the pseudonym is presented.
  • Submitting an application with payment of fees: After correctly filling out the application and all the necessary documentation, you need to pay a fee that depends on the number of classes for which the nickname is registered. After paying the fee, the application and all necessary documents are sent to UKRNOIVI for registration.
  • Formal examination: UKRNOIVI checks the application for compliance with all requirements and completeness of documents.
  • Publication and registration: If all the documents and application have been completed and submitted correctly and the fee has been duly paid then the application information is published and the pseudonym is registered as a trademark.

Importance and benefits of registration for media personalities and artists

  • Legal protection of intellectual property: Registration provides legal protection against the illegal use of a pseudonym and other forms of intellectual property.

Registering a pseudonym provides legal protection against possible attempts by others to use or copy the name for their own purposes. This is especially important in an industry where competition is always high.

  • Strengthening the personal brand: A nickname becomes an integral part of the brand of a media personality or artist. Registration confirms its legitimacy and helps increase visibility.

Registration creates a legal foundation for managing pseudonym rights. The owner can grant licenses, transfer rights or enter into agreements with greater confidence and efficiency.


  • Trading capital: The ability to use a pseudonym as trading capital opens up new commercial opportunities, such as deals with advertisers and licensing agreements.
  • International protection: Registration in Ukraine serves as an excellent starting point for international registration, which extends protection beyond the country’s borders.
  • Support for Creative Development: A protected pseudonym provides its owner with an additional resource for creative development. Provided legal protection allows media personalities and artists to experiment and create without fear of losing their unique image.

Registering a pseudonym in Ukraine goes beyond the usual copy protection, it becomes a strategic step for career growth and development in the digital world.


Registration of a pseudonym as a trademark in Ukraine is a key element of successful development and protection of intellectual property of media personalities and artists? It opens the door to new possibilities, allowing the owners of pseudonyms to effectively interact with the audience and partners and be legally protected.

For media personalities and artists, this is a strategic step to create a sustainable and competitive image in the digital space.

A catchy and memorable nickname can be an important asset for artists and media personalities seeking to reach new heights of popularity and recognition. It becomes a key component of a successful career and allows you to preserve your uniqueness.

In summary, registering a pseudonym as a trademark in Ukraine opens up new perspectives for media personalities and artists, allowing them to maintain control over their intellectual property and effectively build their personal brand.
If you have any questions, you can contact the “Prykhodko and Partners” Law Office, we are always happy to advise you and provide full legal support for the registration of your pseudonym.

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Specialist in the field of intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks.

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