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An Iryna

Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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Registration of software copyrights

An Iryna
Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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In today’s digital world, software plays a critical role in powering various industries and shaping technological advancements. As software evolves and becomes more complex, protecting the intellectual property rights associated with software development has become paramount. Software copyright registration serves as a crucial mechanism for safeguarding the innovative efforts of developers and creators. This article delves into the significance of software copyright registration and its role in preserving intellectual property in the digital age. Although the process can be done


Understanding software copyright

Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection that grants exclusive rights to the original creator(s) of the code. While copyrights automatically exist upon creation, registering the copyright with the appropriate authorities provides added benefits and legal protection.

Software copyright specifically refers to the protection of computer programs, including their underlying code, structure, and original expression. It covers both source code (human-readable instructions) and object code (machine-readable instructions).

The importance of software copyright registration

Establishes Ownership: Registering software copyright establishes a public record of ownership, offering legal evidence of authorship and preventing disputes over originality. It provides a clear distinction between the creator and potential infringers, making it easier to enforce rights in case of infringement.

  • Preserves Exclusive Rights and deters Infringement: Copyright registration grants the copyright owner exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, display, and modify their software. It provides a legal framework to prevent unauthorized copying, distribution, or alteration of the software, ensuring that the creator retains control over their work. Also, appropriate marking and documentation serve as a warning to others, making it less likely for them to copy or misuse the software.

Enables Legal Action: Registering software copyright is a prerequisite for pursuing legal action against infringers. In many jurisdictions, copyright owners must have their works registered to initiate legal proceedings and seek damages or injunctions.

  • Facilitates Licensing and Monetization: Copyright registration simplifies the licensing process by establishing ownership and enabling the software creator to grant licenses to third parties. It allows the creator to monetize their work through various licensing agreements while maintaining control over its use. In addition, registration makes it easier to attract funds from potential investors, obtain loans for development, as it is a valuable asset.

Global Protection: Registering software copyright can help in securing protection beyond national borders. Many countries participate in international copyright treaties and conventions, enabling copyright owners to seek protection in multiple jurisdictions through a unified application process.

How to Register Software Copyright

The process of software copyright registration may vary slightly depending on the jurisdiction, but generally involves the following steps:

  1. Forming a copy of the “work”. this phase includes the collection of all necessary documentation, including software source code, object code, and a user manual for the software.
  2. Filling out the application and paying the fees: each jurisdiction has its own application form and registration fees, as well as requirements for their payment. The application must be accompanied by copies of the work in the format required by the copyright office of the country concerned.
  3. Submission: the application with documents and proof of payment is sent to the copyright office. Some countries consider online submissions, while others require paper submissions.
  4. Review and Registration: The copyright office will review the application to ensure compliance with the necessary requirements. In some cases, it may also be necessary to answer additional office questions, if any. Once approved, the copyright will be registered, and a certificate of registration will be issued.

Copyright law can be complex, and navigating its intricacies requires a deep understanding of the legal framework. The lawyers of Prikhodko and partners have the necessary experience and knowledge to effectively accompany software developers through the registration process. We are always up to date with the latest laws, regulations and legal precedents, ensuring that copyrighted software meets all necessary requirements.

We will help you to correctly and completely compile the necessary documentation, conduct a thorough search to identify existing copyrights that may conflict with the software being registered.

Our expertise in copyright law, ability to prepare accurate documentation, guidance on ownership and authorship, protection against infringement, enforcement support, and licensing expertise will enable you to obtain a certificate of registration of copyright in any jurisdiction as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By leveraging the services of our lawyers, you can navigate the copyright registration process with confidence, knowing that their intellectual property is adequately protected.

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