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Debt recovery

Debt recovery


Kovalev Artem

Repayment of debt on receipt

Debt repayment is not a right, it is a duty Ugrin Svyatislav

Repayment of debt on receipt

Repayment of debt on receipt – in most cases a troublesome and time-consuming procedure. According to Chapter 49 of the Civil Code, your interests can be protected by collecting from the debtor not only the amount of debt, but also:

  • penalty;
  • foam;
  • fine;
  • collateral and more.

It is important that the measures to repay the debt on receipt, in case of delay in the fulfillment of the obligation, were prescribed in the contract. If the debtor is late in fulfilling his obligations and / or evades repayment of the debt, it is important to contact a lawyer to repay the debt as soon as possible. In the event of a delay, the debtor may disappear, the statute of limitations expire, lose his property, which may have been pledged, etc.

Debt repayment without receipt

Debt repayment without a receipt – if the debtor flatly refuses to return the borrowed money, and the receipt of the loan you did not make, sometimes quite a simple conversation in the process of which to determine the reasons for non-repayment. When the reasons are justified, you can compromise and agree on installments, partial reimbursement, etc.

Debt repayment assistance

You can also re-agree on debt repayment, and make an interesting loan agreement or write a receipt, be sure to specify in the document:

  • terms and conditions of refund;
  • the amount of debt;
  • date of concluding the contract;
  • passport data of both parties.

Debt repayment through the court

Some people categorically do not want to go to court. Some of them are convinced that justice will not be achieved in court, some do not want to spoil the relationship, others want to save on costs. Judicial procedure is the only civilized form of resolving a debt dispute when negotiations have proved ineffective.Svyatoslav Ugrin

Litigation can be the most effective way to repay the debt, when you have properly executed documents, the debtor’s financial condition is satisfactory and you have time within 3-5 months. To resolve the situation.

If the debt is repaid in court, it will be a strong proof of the creditor’s rightness, and will give the right to collect the loan from the borrower in full.

The specialists of our company have many years of experience in debt repayment, including penalties and will help you find a legal way to restore the violated rights.

Assistance in debt repayment Kyiv

Legal assistance in debt repayment


Providing professional legal assistance in mediation (mediation) in out-of-court dispute resolution.

  • Analysis of current legislation to identify changes and additions;
  • Analysis of available documents (agreement, receipt, loan agreement, court decision on alimony, etc.);
  • Analysis of payment documents;
  • Preparation of a reasoned opinion on the presence (absence) of the right to repay the debt and the imposition of penalties;
  • Preparation and sending (delivery) of the application (requirement) for payment of the amount of debt;
  • Monitoring compliance with deadlines through the official website of Ukrposhta.

Providing professional legal assistance in preparing and filing a lawsuit.

  • Detailed analysis of the response to the application (requirement) for payment of the amount of debt;
  • Analysis of case law for the last 2 months of the refund for legal aid;
  • Preparation and filing of a lawsuit;
  • Participation in court hearings;
  • Obtaining a court decision and an executive document.

Providing professional legal assistance before the actual execution of a court decision

  • Presentation of a court decision and an executive document for execution;
  • Monitoring the execution of a court decision.

* Applying the analogy with the Law of Ukraine “On Judicial Fees”, the cost of legal aid for participation in court hearings in appellate instances (writing and submitting responses, petitions, complaints, etc.) is 150% of the cost of legal aid in the first instance.

The cost of legal aid for participation in court hearings in cassation instances (writing and submitting responses, petitions, complaints, etc.) is 200% of the cost of legal aid in appellate instances.

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm provides comprehensive support for debt collection and guarantees maximum protection of your rights.

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