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Labor lawyer in Kiev

Employment problems in our country lead to abuse by employers regarding personnel. However, employees also do not always diligently and honestly fulfill their duties. Courts quite often consider disputes regarding dismissal with the wording “loss of confidence” in an employee (according to Article 41 of the Labor Code), some such disputes reach the highest court.

His services, both in protecting the interests of employees and for entrepreneurs (employers), are ready to offer a labor dispute lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. If a lawyer intervenes in a timely manner, labor disputes can be ended on acceptable terms. Such intervention avoids material losses and reputational losses.

How can a labor lawyer be useful to an employee?

The range of questions with which you can contact a specialist in labor law is quite wide. At the same time, in this area of ​​legal relations, compliance with the deadlines is important. Therefore, if a problem arises, legal advice on labor disputes is needed immediately, and not after several months or years. For example, an employee is given only one month from the date of receipt of the order for dismissal / issuance of a work book to appeal against dismissal in court.

For your information! The labor lawyer of our company has the competence to resolve both individual and collective labor disputes. However, in practice, in most cases we are talking about individual disputes that relate to:

  • unlawful dismissal at the initiative of the employer, including the reduction of staff, for inadequacy for the position held, due to long-term temporary disability, and so on;
  • collection of wages and arrears, both for wages and for other payments due to the employee (travel, vacation, material assistance, and so on);
  • establishing the fact of being in an employment relationship or terminating it (if an employment contract is not concluded);
  • payment of compensation in connection with the infliction of harm to the health of an employee, including compensation for moral damage.

The services of a lawyer in labor disputes cover such areas of work as providing advice, drafting and analyzing documents, as well as representing the client’s interests in various instances and in court. In particular, an labor relations lawyer can accompany an employee from the moment the dispute is considered by the Labor Dispute Commission at the enterprise and up to the enforcement proceedings. Sometimes getting a decision in favor of the employee is not enough. A labor law lawyer assists in the direct implementation of this decision (including compulsory enforcement).

What is the advantage of legal assistance in labor disputes for an employer?

Important! If an employee needs advice from a labor lawyer in most cases already upon the occurrence of a labor dispute, then it is advisable for the employer to use the services of such a specialist to prevent problem situations.

If the employer hires a labor lawyer, the consultation can cover the solution of such tasks as:

  • audit of personnel documentation at the enterprise;
  • development of checklists and other similar materials in case of inspection by the State Labor Service;
  • drafting employment contracts, including contracts with employees of the C-level category (CMO, CEO, CFO, CVO, CIO).

At the same time, a lawyer under the Labor Code of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is ready to become your reliable ally in the event that a dispute has already arisen. A labor lawyer is ready to represent the interests of the employer in solving the following tasks:

  • support of problem layoffs;
  • compensation by the employee of material damage to the enterprise;
  • bringing an employee to responsibility for disclosing confidential information, trade secrets.

The best way to find out about your rights and opportunities is to consult a lawyer, labor law is not an industry that you can quickly delve into on your own.

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