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"We will protect the integrity of your honor, dignity, business reputation and intellectual property."

An Iryna

Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

He specializes in protecting the business reputation of legal entities, honor and dignity of individuals, protecting intellectual property, disputes with insurance companies, legal support for the activities of public organizations.

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Sue the company

The court is one of the key mechanisms for ensuring justice in society. It may happen that you need to file a lawsuit against a company, and it is better that you know your rights, the course of action, or a reliable company that will help bring the matter to a victorious end.

The main reasons for litigation between companies

Most often, lawyers work with the following requests:

  1. Failure to fulfill contractual obligations: non-delivery of goods, non-payment for delivered goods/services, non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
  2. Violation of intellectual property rights: plagiarism, illegal use of a trademark, disclosure of trade secrets.
  3. Unfair competition: dumping, illegal advertising, dissemination of false information.
  4. Disputes with shareholders/participants: illegal withdrawal of assets, corporate conflicts, abuse of power.

We recommend that you first try to resolve the issue without a lawsuit, for example, with the help of a lawyer-mediator from Prikhodko and Partners. But if company representatives do not agree to a peaceful settlement of the issue, then lawyers will help achieve justice due to a lawsuit.

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The main reasons for filing a lawsuit against a company

  • Breach of contract. If the company violated the terms of the transaction, you may demand compensation for losses or execution of the transaction in court.
  • Non-fulfillment of duties. If the company does not fulfill its obligations to you, for example, does not pay the debt or does not provide the agreed services, you can apply to the court.
  • Damage to property or person. If you have become a victim of negligence or criminal actions of the company, you may demand compensation for moral and material damage.
  • Legal violations. If the company violates the law (for example, antimonopoly rules, tax norms, etc.), you can apply to the court for the protection of public interests.
  • Violation of consumer rights. If you believe that a company violates your rights as a consumer, for example by selling substandard goods or providing poor services, you can file a lawsuit for damages.
  • Violation of intellectual property. If the company violates your intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc., you can go to court to protect your rights and demand compensation.
  • Unfounded accusations. If you are undeservedly accused of something by the company or its representatives, you can file a lawsuit for defamation or violation of honor and dignity.
  • Violation of labor rights. If you are an employee of the company and you believe that your rights at work are being violated, for example, in terms of wages, working conditions, dismissal, etc., you can apply to the court to restore your rights and receive compensation.
  • Environmental violations. If the company’s actions lead to environmental pollution, harm to the health of residents or other environmental problems, you can file a claim for damages and force the company to take measures to correct the situation.


The advantages of working with a lawyer when filing a lawsuit against a company:

  1. Knowledge of laws and judicial practice:
  • The lawyer has in-depth knowledge of legislation and judicial practice, which will allow him to correctly formulate your requirements and support them with evidence.
  • He knows all the procedural rules and nuances that will help avoid mistakes and delays in the consideration of the case.
  1. Experience in handling cases in court:
  • A lawyer has experience in handling cases in court and knows how to deal with judges and other participants in the process.
  • He will be able to clearly and reasonably state your position, as well as repel attacks from the company’s lawyers.
  1. Protection of your rights and interests:
  • The lawyer will monitor the observance of rights and legitimate interests at all stages of the legal process.
  • He will defend your position and will not allow your rights to be violated.
  1. Reduce stress and save time:
  • A lawyer will take care of all the concerns related to preparing and filing a claim and representing your interests in court.
  • You will not need to waste time studying laws and judicial practice, as well as participating in court hearings.
  1. Increased chances of success:
  • An experienced attorney will greatly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

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The help of our lawyer is the shortest path to victory and restoration of justice

The Prikhodko & Partners company offers professional assistance in court cases against companies, both Ukrainian and foreign. Our lawyers have extensive experience in this area and will help you protect your rights clearly and effectively.

We provide consultations, preparation of documents, representation in court, and other legal services that will help you obtain a fair verdict and compensation for damages. Do not hesitate to contact us to get professional assistance in resolving your case in court.

We offer:

  1. Qualified legal advice regarding your situation and chances of success in court.
  2. Comprehensive support: we will take care of all issues related to preparing and filing a claim, representing your interests in court, and monitoring the execution of the court decision.
  3. Individual approach: we will carefully study your case and develop the optimal strategy for protecting your rights.

Contact us and we will help you achieve justice and protect your legitimate interests.

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An Iryna
Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

He specializes in protecting the business reputation of legal entities, honor and dignity of individuals, protecting intellectual property, disputes with insurance companies, legal support for the activities of public organizations.

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