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A lawyer for questioning a suspect/witness/victim – the price of accompanying a lawyer for questioning

In this article, we will consider one of the main stages of investigative action – interrogation. This investigative action is conducted within the framework of criminal proceedings. Interrogators are not only suspects. Witnesses and victims are also participants in this investigation. The lawyer’s functions in this case are to control the interrogation within the framework of current Ukrainian legislation. A lawyer for questioning a suspect/witness/victim is one of the services provided by the specialists of our law firm Prykhodko and Partners.


Peculiarities of engaging a person to participate in an interrogation

Any pre-trial investigation involves the questioning of each of the participants in one or another criminal proceeding. If you are involved in a case as a suspect, witness or victim, the first thing you need to do is to seek help from a professional lawyer.

To begin with, we will consider the ways of calling for an interrogation. This is, first of all:

  • Call by phone/telegram.
  • Receiving a notification by e-mail.
  • Delivery of summons.

Important: it is possible to issue a call for questioning no later than three days before the start of the procedural action.

It is the lawyer who will be able to protect you from the arbitrariness of representatives of law enforcement agencies. We will make sure that all their actions do not go beyond the law. You will be reliably protected from threats, psychological violence, and the use of physical force.

A lawyer present at the interrogation provides both legal and essential moral assistance. According to the provisions of Article 87 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, evidence obtained in violation of the basic right to defense is inadmissible. An accusation cannot be made on the basis of such evidence.

In addition to protecting witnesses, suspects, and victims, Prykhodko and Partners lawyers ensure the determination of facts that can lead to an acquittal in the future or a significant reduction of it. Thus, the help of a lawyer at an early stage is the minimum necessary action.

The main purpose of the interrogation is to obtain important facts, information related to the circumstances of a valid criminal offense.


Functions and tasks of a lawyer during interrogation

The lawyer’s functionality and the range of services he provides depend on the procedural status of the client.

For example, if a participant in a criminal offense has the status of a victim, a qualified lawyer will defend his violation of rights and help recover damages.

In the case of a witness, the lawyer significantly minimizes the risk of his falling into the category of suspects. As practice shows, there are quite a lot of such cases.

A suspect or accused person must have a lawyer present during interrogation. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you form the right legal position. In addition, we will monitor how legally the prosecutor and the investigator will act during the pre-trial investigation.

Important: some information may fall under the category of “state secret”. It is very important not to disclose it, especially without consulting a lawyer.

Thus, as soon as you have been summoned for questioning, contact the specialists of Prykhodko and Partners as soon as possible. We offer a full range of services to protect the rights of suspects/witnesses/victims during interrogation:

  • Consulting in 24/7 mode.
  • The presence of a lawyer during interrogation and other investigative actions.
  • Control over the activity of representatives of investigative bodies and the prosecutor’s office.
  • Preparation of necessary documents.

This is far from a complete list of our services.

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Expert in criminal law. The lawyer specializes in crimes of corruption and bribery. Protect you in your criminal proceedings.

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