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Switching to the legal mode Diya City

The IT industry in Ukraine is experiencing extremely rapid growth and development, and one of the key initiatives that made this possible is the Diya City legal regime.

This initiative creates a favorable environment for business development in the IT sphere and provides companies with unique opportunities.

In our law firm, we are ready to accompany you on this innovative path to success, providing you with comprehensive legal support and advice.

What is Diya City?

“Diya City” is a unique legal and tax initiative aimed at the development of the IT industry in Ukraine. Thanks to Diya City, participants of this program receive significant tax benefits and a simplified administrative procedure.

This initiative also provides an opportunity for foreign companies to establish branches in Ukraine with lower costs and tax obligations.

How does Diya City help your business?

  • Tax benefits. “Diya City” provides companies with the opportunity to reduce the tax burden, which allows them to save more funds for further development and innovation.
  • Investment attraction. This initiative helps to attract more foreign investments to Ukraine. To meet the needs of the IT sector, you have a unique opportunity to attract new capital and develop your business.
  • Development of education and scientific research. “Diya City” promotes the development of education and scientific research in Ukraine, which helps to train highly qualified specialists for the IT industry.
  • Sustainable urban planning and environment. The use of smart technologies allows cities to become cleaner and more energy efficient, contributing to sustainable urban development and environmental protection.

For whom is the transition to the Diya City legal regime useful?

“Diya City” is suitable for a wide range of business and innovation participants, as well as for foreign investors who wish to develop their activities in Ukraine.

Key groups for whom the Diya City initiative can be particularly beneficial include:

  • IT companies. Information and technology companies of any size, including startups and large corporations, will find favorable conditions for the development of their business in Diya City. This initiative provides tax benefits and simplifies administrative procedures.
  • Foreign IT companies. For foreign companies that plan to expand their activities in Ukraine, Diya City provides an opportunity to reduce costs and tax obligations when opening branches or representative offices in this country.
  • Foreign investors who are interested in investing in Ukraine can find incentives for investments in the IT industry and other industries in “Diya City”.
  • Startups and entrepreneurs. “Diya City” provides an opportunity to create and develop innovative startups in Ukraine, reducing barriers for entrepreneurs.
  • Universities and scientific centers. Universities and research centers can cooperate with Diya City, developing programs for student training and conducting scientific research in the IT field.
  • Personnel and professionals. “Diya City” offers new opportunities for specialists in the IT industry, including job vacancies in Ukrainian and foreign companies.
  • Environmental and engineering projects. ” Diya City” supports sustainable urban planning and engineering projects aimed at preserving the environment and optimizing resources.

In general, the “Diya City” initiative in Ukraine creates a favorable environment for various subjects who want to participate in the development of the IT industry and innovative business.

Regardless of the size of your business or type of activity, Diya City provides opportunities for growth and success.

How can our law firm help in the transition to the legal regime of Diya City

Our law firm specializes in providing legal support in the field of “Diya City”.

We will help you develop an optimal strategy for the development of your business in this unique legal and tax environment.

Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the IT industry and local legal regulations and are ready to provide you with professional assistance in all legal aspects of your business.

We will help you register your business within “Dia City”, develop the necessary contracts and agreements, as well as provide advice on tax and corporate law.

We are always in touch, ready to answer all your questions and provide the necessary assistance for the successful development of your IT business.

“Diya City” in Ukraine creates unique conditions for the development of the IT industry, and with our help, you will be able to make the most of the benefits of this initiative and achieve success in business.

Contact us for comprehensive legal support and development of your IT project under the umbrella of “Diya City”.

For a consultation or calculation of the price of the transition to the legal regime of Diya City – fill out the form below.

Taras Miroshnychenko
Head of International Corporate Law and Fintech Practice

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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