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Modern Ukrainian society is constantly developing, and issues of ensuring the rights of people with disabilities of various groups arise from time to time.

This is due to the fact that Ukraine is under martial law and many men and women are directly participating in hostilities against the Russian Federation, which as a result leads to an increase in the number of disabled people among the Ukrainian population.

Therefore, the issue of providing disabled people with proper support and assistance in caring for the mentally ill is becoming more and more urgent in the state.

In this article, we will consider in detail how to arrange care for a disabled person of the 2nd group in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

What types of disabilities exist in Ukraine?

Ukrainian legislation distinguishes 3 groups of disabilities, which are partially or completely related to the loss of health, and which usually include:

  • the first – concerns those citizens who have completely lost their ability to work and need constant care;
  • the second – refers to those citizens who, although they can take care of themselves, the person does not have the opportunity to work under normal conditions;
  • the third – refers to those citizens who can work at an enterprise or institution, but need easier duties and working conditions for this.

In this topic, we are interested in group 2 disability, so we will talk about it.

How can permanent care be arranged for a person with a disability in the 2nd group?

In order to become a caregiver for a disabled person, a person needs to contact the family doctor of a citizen with a disability of the 2nd group with a request to provide an appropriate certificate that the person really has a disability.

After that, it is necessary to contact the social protection authorities, where it will be possible to arrange permanent care for such a person.

What documents for the care of a disabled person in group 2 must be submitted?

  • a statement in which to indicate one’s willingness to take care of a person with a disability;
  • passport of a caregiver and a person with a disability;
  • a medical certificate confirming that the person has a relevant disability and needs care;
  • a certificate containing data on your actual place of residence;
  • documents confirming ownership of property.

How to confirm care for a group 2 disabled person?

For this, it is necessary to have a certificate from the Medical and social expert commission (MSEK) or the opinion of the Medical and consulting commission (MLK) – form 80-4/0, in which it is stated that the person needs constant care, as well as an act establishing the fact of the care of the person, who has a disability.

Is it possible to cross the border with a group 2 disabled person?

If you care for a person with a disability in group 2, you have the right to cross the border accompanied by him. At the same time, you must have with you relevant documents that really confirm the presence of a person’s disability and an act of establishing the fact of providing care.

Is it possible to travel abroad accompanied by a disabled person from the 3rd group?

If a citizen has a wife with a disability of the 3rd group, then accompanied by her, he can cross the state border. In other cases, there is no such possibility.

Can the guardian of a disabled person go abroad?

If a person with a disability is already abroad, the guardian can cross it in this case. This requires a certificate of residence of a person with a disability on consular records in the host country.

If you want to become a guardian for a group 2 disabled person and you do not know the legal nuances of the entire procedure, then in this case, contact the Prikhodko and Partners law office.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers who have deep knowledge of this topic, and therefore we will always be able to provide you with qualified advice and assistance.

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