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Maintaining personnel documentation for LLC and IE

Vorozhbitova Krystyna
Chief Accountant

Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting

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Maintaining personnel documentation for LLC and IE

For the proper functioning of any legal entity, it is necessary that the documentation is kept correctly. One of the main types of documents LLC and IE personnel documentation. This type of documentation is quite specific and not only the work of the enterprise, but also further legal consequences for the employee depends on the correctness of its maintenance. Indeed, in the event of disagreements in the personnel documentation, the employee may in the future face the fact that certain periods of work at the enterprise cannot be proved.

Typically, a legal entity is responsible for maintaining personnel records management by one or more persons entered in the staff list and on an ongoing basis performing work with personnel documents.

What is HR Documentation?

  • nomenclature of cases;
  • personal files of employees;
  • maintenance of work books;
  • preparation of orders for the enterprise;
  • maintaining journals and other internal documents;
  • preparation of a vacation schedule and monitoring their provision;
  • other personnel work corresponding to the activities of the LLC and IE.

As follows from the above list of personnel work at the enterprise, there is enough. But it is not always economically profitable for an LLC and IE to keep a HR specialist on staff, because, in addition to wages, it is necessary to equip the workplace, provide equipment and more. In such cases, it is advisable to use the services of companies that provide full personnel services. This will help to optimize the expenses of the LLCand IE for obtaining a staff specialist in personnel work, as well as to receive high-quality personnel service.

Benefits of working with a HR company for an LLC and IE

  1. The company pays a full-time HR specialist – a salary. In cooperation with the company, the company pays for the result. In addition, you do not need: to purchase computer equipment, software, stationery.
  2. Specialists easily solve routine tasks and perfectly cope with non-standard personnel situations. The company’s specialists are aware of all changes in legislation and are able to quickly respond to them. After all, the legal component is important in personnel work.
  3. The staff specialist is not responsible for the decisions made. Any problems will be solved by the enterprise. When cooperating with a specialized company, there is liability on the basis of a contract, and this is clearly stated in the cooperation agreement.
  4. Extensive experience in personnel work allows you to properly protect the company from fines and problems. Fine for minor violations – UAH 6,000, for unregistered employees – from 30 minimum wages.

What types of services are included in the maintenance of personnel documentation for an LLC and IE?

  • development and maintenance of documents on primary personnel records (orders for employment, staff list, time sheet, etc.);
  • development and registration of personnel (sick leaves, issuance of certificates);
  • accounting of the personnel of the enterprise (formation and filling of personal files, accounting for business trips, vacations, maintaining work books in electronic form and, if necessary, in paper and other);
  • preparation and submission of reports to regulatory authorities;
  • military registration of workers and other personnel work.

Cost of services

The cost of maintaining personnel documentation is individual and is prescribed in the contract. It depends primarily on the number of employees and other factors.

So, as follows from the above, the maintenance of personnel records by specialized companies has a number of advantages. After all, the company pays for high-quality work and does not worry that the documents are maintained incorrectly or in violation of the requirements of the law. And this is the key to the success of any company.

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