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Inheritance lawyer

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Inheritance lawyer

The tempting prospects for improving the financial situation with the acceptance of the inheritance are sometimes clouded by problematic moments. The heir is faced with a dilemma: to spend time, money and effort to inherit property or not to get involved in such red tape, since the game is not worth the candle in the end.

One should not jump to conclusions. It is up to the inheritance lawyer to determine the chances, possible benefits and costs. Contact this specialist within the statutory timeframe for applying for inheritance. When the inheritance consultation is received, then decide whether to fight for the inheritance or retreat.

For your information! An inheritance lawyer not only helps to solve problems, but also ensures that they do not arise. Legal advice on inheritance matters will be very useful for the testator.

An experienced inheritance lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is ready to help clients at any time. Solving difficult issues, this specialist becomes more effective, so exactly such tasks are expected of you!

What services can an inheritance lawyer offer to a testator?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, the property is inherited:

a) by law;

b) by will.

If the testator has valuable property, legal advice on inheritance is, at a minimum, an opportunity to clearly understand to whom this property can be transferred, if you do not leave a will. When the situation is seen as unambiguous, and in the future there are no contradictions between the heirs, it is allowed not to leave a will.

However, the advice of a lawyer by inheritance often reveals to the testator those moments that he did not notice. The risk of a dispute between the heirs always remains. To minimize this risk, one way or another, the testator must express his will in case of death.

Important! In addition to drawing up a will, an inheritance lawyer in a number of cases proposes to formalize the transfer of property in alternative ways, through:

  • inheritance contract;
  • gift agreement;
  • life support contract.

For your information! Each of these options has both its pros and cons compared to a will. To find out the details more specifically, you should ask a question to an inheritance lawyer. For example, under a donation agreement, the property is transferred to the ownership of another person immediately, even before the death of the donor. And this is associated with certain risks of abuse.

What problems does the inheritance lawyer help the heirs to solve?

The cost of housing is growing by leaps and bounds. Not surprisingly, real estate is the cause of many conflicts between heirs. The situation can be seen especially clearly on the example of the capital.

Inquiries on the Internet “Kiev inheritance lawyer”, “Kiev inheritance lawyer” and “Kiev inheritance lawyer” are often placed in order to find a strong assistant to win in the fight against other applicants for the inheritance.

For your information! Disputes between heirs are not limited to inheritance problems. Obstacles in obtaining property by inheritance may arise even when there is only one heir.

In the TOP-3 of the main problems with the registration of inheritance in the case when there is only one heir:

  • The six-month deadline for filing an application to a notary for accepting an inheritance (at the place of its opening) has been missed.
  • Lost documents of title to inherited property (for example, a purchase and sale agreement or a certificate of privatization of an apartment).
  • The relationship between the heir and the testator is not confirmed (for example, documents confirming the relationship between the grandmother and the grandson have been lost).

An inheritance lawyer will offer effective solutions for all of these problems. Depending on the circumstances, technical documentation, duplicates and certificates are collected, a claim is filed in court, and so on.

Important! Hereditary lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is ready to deal with problems of the highest level of complexity. For example, an inheritance lawyer tackles the problem of the so-called “indivisible inheritance”. If there are several heirs, it is possible to determine who will get the property and who will receive monetary compensation.


When you enter the search queries “lawyer inheritance”, “legal advice inheritance” and “inheritance lawyer” you expect to provide yourself with an assistant who is able to resolve your issue. Such an assistant is waiting for you at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. Contact us, we are ready to support you!

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