Application for recalculation of pensions for Chernobyl victims

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Liubomyr Kozhukhov

Lawyer practicing pension law. Specializes in the field of recalculation of pensions of military personnel, persons affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, confirmation of seniority and crediting of preferential seniority.

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Application for recalculation of pensions for Chernobyl victims

The issue of recalculating pensions for people affected by the Chornobyl disaster has always been important and relevant. These people were severely exposed to radiation, which led to numerous health problems, disability and, in many cases, premature death. In this regard, ensuring a decent level of pension benefits is critical.
Legal framework

In Ukraine, pensions for Chornobyl victims are regulated by a number of legislative acts, the most important of which are the Law of Ukraine “On the Status and Social Protection of Citizens Affected by the Chornobyl Disaster”, the Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory State Pension Insurance” and the Law of Ukraine “On Pensions”. These laws establish special conditions and norms for determining the amount of pensions for persons affected by the Chornobyl accident.


According to the law, Chornobyl victims are entitled to increased pensions depending on the degree of disability, disability group, and other factors taken into account when determining the amount of the pension. However, in practice, there are often problems with the proper calculation and payment of these pensions.

The procedure for applying for pension recalculation

In order for a Chornobyl victim to receive a recalculation of his or her pension, he or she must submit an application to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. This application must contain the following basic elements:

  1. The title of the application: “Application for pension recalculation”.
  2. Introductory part: Full name of the applicant, address of residence, contact information, and identification number.
  3. The main part: Description of the situation and grounds for recalculation of the pension. Here it is worth noting what exactly has changed in the applicant’s life, what documents confirm these changes, and why this should affect the amount of the pension.
  4. Additional information: A list of documents attached to the application, such as medical reports, certificates of disability group change, court decisions, etc.
  5. Final part: Date of application, signature of the applicant.

Required documents

The application must be accompanied by documents confirming the right to recalculate the pension. These may include:

  • Medical certificates and conclusions on changes in health status or disability group.
  • Certificates of change of residence (if it affects the amount of pension).
  • Court decision (if the recalculation is based on a court decision).
  • Other documents confirming the validity of the request for recalculation.

Reasons for recalculating pensions for Chernobyl victims

There are several main reasons that can be the basis for recalculating a pension for Chernobyl victims:

  1. Change in health status: A deterioration in health or a new disability group may affect the amount of your pension.
  2. Changes in legislation: Amendments to the legislation on Chernobyl pensions may require recalculation.
  3. Court decisions: If a court finds that previous pension calculations were incorrect, it may order the Pension Fund to recalculate the pension.
  4. Detection of errors: The discovery of errors in previous calculations may also be grounds for recalculation.

Consideration of the application for pension recalculation by the Pension Fund

After submitting an application for pension recalculation, the Pension Fund of Ukraine is obliged to consider it within a certain period established by law. As a rule, this is no more than one month from the date of submission of the application and all necessary documents. The Pension Fund analyzes the submitted documents, checks the applicant’s compliance with the established requirements and decides whether to recalculate or refuse the pension. In case of refusal, the applicant has the right to appeal this decision in court.


Recalculation of pensions for Chernobyl victims is a complex and multi-stage process that requires a detailed study of each specific case. The correctness of the application and the documents attached to it is important, as it affects the speed and outcome of the case. In addition, Chornobyl victims should be aware of the current legislation and their rights to be able to protect their interests and ensure a decent level of pension provision.

The Pension Fund authorities must ensure an adequate level of service, efficiency and transparency in the process of reviewing applications for pension recalculation, which is a guarantee of social justice and support for those affected by the Chornobyl disaster. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the correctness of your pension accrual or believe that you are entitled to a recalculation, you can contact our specialists for qualified assistance.

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Lawyer practicing pension law. Specializes in the field of recalculation of pensions of military personnel, persons affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, confirmation of seniority and crediting of preferential seniority.

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