Permanent residence permit

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Permanent residence permit

Issues of migration law are one of the key areas within the specialization of lawyers of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law firm. Therefore, when you contact us with requests of a similar nature, you can definitely count on the fact that you will receive qualified help and result-oriented service. Let’s talk in more detail about obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. Moreover, our legal company has a huge experience in this matter, measured by more than a hundred successfully obtained residence permits. Our clients were able to arrange them without any problems thanks to a well-thought-out strategy of legal support from the specialists of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law firm. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this topic in more detail.

Фото: Permanent residence permitWhy is permanent residence permit so in demand?

Foreigners can stay in Ukraine on various grounds. When it comes specifically to a permanent residence permit, this becomes the optimal solution for those who:

  • focused on staying in Ukraine for a long time;
  • strives for a wide range of rights and opportunities that allow not only to live on the territory of our state, but also to work and fully realize oneself.


Фото: Permanent residence permitIf we talk about the spectrum of preferences that such a residence permit gives, then they are the following:

  • the opportunity to live freely on the territory of Ukraine for a huge amount of time;
  • no restrictions regarding entry and exit from Ukraine;
  • the opportunity to live here permanently, but at the same time – not to renounce the citizenship of their homeland (for example, this is relevant for those who got married in Ukraine,
  • but do not want to end their political and legal connection with the state of their origin);
  • an indefinite validity period of the type, thanks to which you do not need to regularly renew it;
  • the opportunity to then quite simply and quickly obtain Ukrainian citizenship if you feel that you really are in your country and want to be in a closer legal connection with it;
  • the opportunity to enjoy almost all the rights that citizens have.

Thus, permanent residence is a good choice in many situations.

Фото: Permanent residence permitHow does a temporary residence permit differ from a permanent residence permit?

When it comes to a document granting the right to temporary residence, it is issued for an hour, after which it requires constant, annual renewal. And the permanent residence permit in Ukraine, as already noted, is permanent. It requires only the replacement of the photo at the age of 25 and 45.

Фото: Permanent residence permit

Фото: Permanent residence permitWhat is an immigration quota?

When talking about permanent residence, it is important to remember the immigration quota. In simple terms, this is the number of people per year for whom Ukraine is ready to provide a residence permit. However, the most attractive conditions are provided for people who are not subject to quotas. Among them:

  • one of the spouses married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  • parents and children of persons who are citizens of Ukraine;
  • persons who, on the basis of territorial origin, have the right to acquire citizenship of our state;
  • persons in whose immigration Ukraine has a state interest;
  • the second of the spouses married to a Ukrainian abroad, if the spouses decided to come to Ukraine together for the purpose of permanent residence.

As for the quota, it applies to different categories. For example, these could be scientific and cultural figures whose immigration is in the interests of our state. We can also talk about qualified workers, investors, foreign volunteers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have served for 3 or more years. This list is incomplete.

If you are interested in such issues in more detail, the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law office provides advice and legal support in the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.


Фото: Permanent residence permitWhy should you use legal services?

Today, the territorial divisions of the State Migration Service are very overloaded, and the bureaucracy factor in many procedures creates additional complications. Therefore, when you seek legal support, you have the opportunity to save a lot of time and effort.

Specialists who regularly support such cases know how to speed them up legally and what legal mechanisms and algorithms of action to use for this.

To get help or advice from a specialist in migration law, fill out the form on the website and our lawyer will contact you.


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Petryk Tetiana
Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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