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Legal aid

Legal assistance

Modern Ukrainian legislation is not only voluminous, but also confusing for the unprepared person. In addition, the resolution of legal issues sometimes becomes an extremely important factor in the lives of citizens and in the activities of commercial organizations.

Legal assistance from the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners” is a guaranteed clarification of the law and obtaining answers to any question related to the law.

What is legal assistance from a lawyer?

Independently understand the depths of the laws is sometimes problematic – the acts are extremely voluminous in content. As a result, a person who wants to understand the question begins to get confused in many rules and can not find the right answer. Specialists come to the rescue, who are not only trained, but also work with the law on a regular basis.

Lawyers of our company:

  • provide information on Ukrainian legislation;
  • give explanations of articles of laws and by-laws;
  • represent the interests of clients in government agencies;
  • provide protection to the client from unfounded accusations.

The urgency of legal assistance from a competent lawyer is dictated by modernity – the law regulates a large number of relationships and actions, from financial transactions to the banal purchase of a car. Many life situations require accurate knowledge of the rule of law and their correct interpretation. This task is performed by professional lawyers of the company “Prikhodko and Partners”.

How do we provide legal assistance?

The legal principles from our lawyers are based on the following principles:

We state and interpret the articles of the law so that everything is clear to you to the last point;
No unnecessary information and misinterpretation. Only 100% answer to the right question or problem;
If necessary, we use case law and give detailed advice on any issue.

Of course, legal assistance from a lawyer also includes representing the client’s interests in government,especially in the courts. In court proceedings (both civil and criminal), accusations and distortions of the facts are often heard. Our task is to protect you from unreasonable decisions and conclusions, to protect your rights and interests from prosecutors.Andrey Prikhodko

If you need an answer to a legal question or want to get support in court, contact Prikhodko & Partners – we always respond to the call.

How we work:

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