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 In connection with the latest changes in the month of December 2019 of some legislative norms on the issue of residence permits for foreigners in Ukraine, the procedure for issuing and obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits was transformed. What exactly is it about? Let’s look at some of them.

Temporary residence permit, what has changed?

 Document format

 The booklet residence permit form has lost its legal force. Most of these types of documents are not issued. Now, if you want to apply for a temporary residence permit, you will only be issued a document in the form of an ID card, which, it would seem, is very beautiful and easy to use, but, firstly, it is easy to lose, and restoration takes the same procedure. as the primary design, if not more complicated. Secondly, your registration (form 13), which you will be required to do within 30 days from the date of obtaining a residence permit, will not be incorporated into the residence permit, but will be indicated on a separate sheet of A4, which is terribly not practical to use. It is also very easy to lose or ruin. They do not advise laminating it, as some state bodies do not accept such a certificate, justifying everything with the fact that the print on the form loses its strength.

 The procedure for submitting documents

 Earlier, a package of documents in material form was submitted. An application for filing could be written with one’s own hand right under the office in the migration service or typed in hard copy on a computer at home. The main documents, such as the translation of your passport, your reason (for example, a marriage certificate, a confirmation from the university about studies – for students, work permits and others), also, photos were printed, printed medical insurance and receipts for registration residence permit. Now, all documents must be in your original when applying for a residence permit. When you scan them and “file” them into the database, they also compose a statement, which you print out, and you sign it.

 Registration term

 Previously, a residence permit could be issued quickly, in a few days, if the migration service was not “overwhelmed” with work. Now it’s only 15 p. e. Not earlier. And in the case of additional checks, the processing time may be longer.

 Deadline for applying for a residence permit

 Until December 2019, it was possible to apply for a new type of residence on the last day of a legal stay, and for renewal of a temporary residence permit no later than 3 days in advance, and there were cases as on the last day if the foreigner had evidence that the reasons for the failure to submit documents were not previously dependent on factors related to it. Now, no later than 15 work days until the expiration date of the residence permit. If you do not have enough even one day, you will have to leave Ukraine for a while until the deadline is cleared if you are a citizen of a non-visa country for Ukraine, and to apply for a new visa if you are a citizen of a visa country.

 Any changes are always hard to accept immediately. Perhaps not all people understand and accept this. Accordingly, against this background, there are numerous misunderstandings and difficulties in relations between foreigners and employees of the migration service, but over time, everyone will understand that everything that has been done is for the better. We just have to understand everything correctly, accept and not make mistakes. And in case of difficulties, contact the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, they will certainly help you with everything!

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