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When a person decides for himself to obtain a permit for a permanent place of residence abroad and has not only desire, but also the rights stipulated by law, in Ukraine he needs to obtain a permit to leave for permanent residence abroad in his desired country.

It is possible to leave Ukraine for permanent residence in the desired country without obtaining this permission, but in order to avoid difficulties and problems in the future, you still need to get it. Especially when you plan to receive a residence permit (card and other documents) or even citizenship of the country of your permanent residence.

The process of obtaining permission to travel permanently abroad is a somewhat troublesome and difficult process, which involves gathering a rather large package of documents and submitting them to the appropriate state body. The result will be the procedure for removing the applicant from registration with the State Migration Service of Ukraine and transferring it for registration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All further movements abroad of Ukraine will be carried out exclusively on the passport of Ukraine.

Documents that a person will need to apply for permission:

  • Foreign passport
  • Internal passport of the country of citizenship
  • Birth confirmation document
  • Notarized permission to leave the applicant’s legal representatives
  • Form 13
  • Certificate of no debt
  • Document from the military registration and enlistment office about deregistration
  • Photos

For legal assessment of the applicant’s general documentary situation inspector migration service may require additional documents, for example, a certificate of good conduct in Ukraine.

The term for issuing this permit is valid for six months. Within this period, it is necessary to submit a certificate about the absence of debt, a document confirming the fact of discharge from the place of residence and an internal Ukrainian passport to the state body for putting down a stamp on the passport for permanent residence abroad in the desired country.

If a person at the time of the need to arrange an exit for accommodation is abroad, then he can be issued at the Consulate of Ukraine in his country of residence. But do not forget that the term for issuing a permit from territorial Ukraine by submitting documents to the migration service of Ukraine is 3 months, and upon receipt of this permission through the consulate of Ukraine in the desired country – 12 months.

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