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What is the legal force of a certificate of application for protection in Ukraine? What are the rights of its owner?

A certificate of application for protection in Ukraine is a document that confirms the fact of a person’s legal stay on the territory of our state for the period of making a decision regarding his recognition as a refugee or a person who needs additional protection in Ukraine. This certificate is used in the exercise of rights and performance of duties, compliance with the laws of Ukraine. This certificate can be renewed in action. It can be used until the actual moment a person acquires refugee status or the status of a person with subsidiary protection in Ukraine.
Often confused and attributed to this certificate characteristics / features and legal force, which it does not have at all. For example, the fact that this certificate gives the right to apply for the acceptance of a person into the citizenship of Ukraine, to issue a residence permit in Ukraine – a temporary / permanent, foreign passport of Ukraine, to obtain a work permit and officially get a job … In fact, this document is only legalizes a person in the country. Its presence does not yet mean the acquisition of any status. After receiving this certificate, the process of making a decision in relation to a person on granting him refugee status, on the basis of which he will be documented with a refugee certificate in Ukraine, or a decision on recognizing him as a person in need of additional protection in Ukraine, on the basis of which the person will be documented with a certificate persons with remote sensing in Ukraine.
The certificate is issued by the territorial divisions of the migration service, in the structure of which there are departments for work with refugees. The decision to issue a certificate to a person is made within one working day from the moment the person applies for the status of a refugee or a person with subsidiary protection in Ukraine.
You can get such a certificate in person or through a legal representative. If a person does not speak the state language, a certified translator is invited. After the interview / survey, the authorized person draws up a conclusion on the issue of issuing a certificate to a person.
In 2020, a bill was put forward regarding the introduction of innovations into the legal acts, on the issue of granting the right to submit documents for the adoption of Ukrainian citizenship by persons with Additional Protection in Ukraine, but the changes were rejected at the stage of their consideration.
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