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He specializes in protecting the business reputation of legal entities, honor and dignity of individuals, protecting intellectual property, disputes with insurance companies, legal support for the activities of public organizations.

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Business reputation can be violated, including by distributing video materials about a legal or public person on the Internet and television. Such videos contain false information, slander, offensive statements, etc.

The dissemination of video materials that violate the right to the inviolability of honor and dignity The Internet carries a particular danger, since such videos tend to spread at a significant speed, and on the basis of such videos, new videos, articles, comments under such videos of a negative nature may arise. In fact, one such video, distributed by a more or less well-known author, can permanently destroy an enterprise, or rather a flow of new customers to it.

How to act and what to do if the integrity of your business reputation has been violated by distributing relevant video materials on the Internet?

  • First, it is necessary to determine whether there is really libel and false information in the video. What evidence can refute widespread misinformation or libel?
  • Secondly, information should be collected on what may prove the opposite of widespread false information or slander.
  • Thirdly, the circumstances of the case should be analyzed to determine whether it is possible to recover funds as compensation for the moral damage caused. If there is such a possibility, then you should contact a specialist in order to establish the amount of moral damage inflicted.

However, the choice of an expert must be taken extremely responsibly, since in practice most experts have no idea how to establish the amount of moral damage inflicted on a legal entity.

It is generally accepted that only a natural person can receive moral harm, since he is a living being that can experience this or that, and the amount of such damage is established by means of an appropriate psychological examination.

But what about, for example, public organizations and enterprises?

In this case, a psycho-sociological examination should be carried out to establish the losses received by the leaders and members of the legal entity. Such non-property losses are inflicted not specifically on one person (for example, the head of an enterprise), but on the entire team.

Stages of protection of the violated right to inviolability of honor, dignity and business reputation

  • Analysis of disseminated information and assessment of the possibility of its refutation;
  • Collection and analysis of data on the distributor of inaccurate information;
  • Assessment of the amount of moral damage caused;
  • Preparation and submission of a statement of claim to the court;
  • Preparation and filing of an application for securing a claim, which consists in blocking a web page containing information that violates the right to inviolability of honor and dignity (optional);
  • consideration of a case on the protection of honor and dignity or business reputation;
  • Execution of the judgment.

It is possible to protect the violated right to inviolability of honor, dignity and business reputation in Ukraine. However, this process is quite specific and requires certain resources, time and knowledge, but a good reputation is almost the most important component of any company or organization. If you did suffer moral damage, then you should contact the appropriate specialist in this field.

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