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Building a house is not easy. And this is not about the construction mechanism itself, but also about the proper execution of all necessary documents. If permits are required for the beginning of construction, then later the question arises about the creation of technical documentation for real estate. That is, we are talking about making a technical passport.

Technical passport for a house or apartment is a document that shows the technical characteristics of the property (real estate plan, information about the owner, information about the entity that produced this technical passport).

In which cases it is necessary to make a technical passport for real estate?

  • during the commissioning of the construction object;
  • when conducting state registration of real estate (division, allocation of real estate);
  • when putting into operation the completed real estate;

In other cases, the technical passport for the house can be made at the request of the person.

It is also worth remembering that the technical documentation for a house or apartment is not in itself a title document.

Requirements for technical passport

The technical passport for a house or apartment must be numbered, stitched and sealed by the entity that manufactures it.

Which real estate objects require the production of a technical passport?

  • Residential buildings
  • Apartments
  • Garden and country houses
  • Living rooms in dormitories
  • Garages, if they do not belong to the outbuildings in the household
  • Objects of unfinished construction
  • Non-residential premises

From the above it can be seen that almost all groups of real estate are subject to technical documentation and they need to produce a technical passport.

Who can make a technical passport for a house / apartment?

The subjects of providing services for the preparation of technical documentation for real estate are the Bureau of State Technical Inventory (BTI) or a private BTI, which has a license to conduct such work.

Necessary documents:

  • the statement of the established sample;
  • identity documents (passport and RNOKPP);
  • documents confirming the right of ownership of real estate;
  • certificate of postal address of the property;
  • design documentation for the house, if it was made.

The term of performance of works, as well as the amount and procedure for payment are determined by agreement of the parties and fixed in the contract, on the basis of which the technical documentation for the real estate will be prepared.

So, as can be seen from the above preparation of technical documentation for the house / apartment is quite a troublesome matter. After all, it is necessary to find a BTI that will be able to perform technical inventory work efficiently and on time, to collect the necessary documents. If you have questions about the need to prepare technical documentation for the property, the best solution is to consult a lawyer on this issue, as well as his help and support during this necessary procedure.

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