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The main purpose of the mobile application “Consultant” is to provide a person with legal advice and help at the moment when a person needs it. Thousands of Ukrainians used the mobile app and received answers from law graduates and lawyers about solutions to their legal problems. Each specialist who registers on the “Consultant” platform and provides legal advice to users of the application, undergoes an identity verification procedure and validation of documents proving his competence. That is why doubts about who provides advice have no right to exist.

The main advantage of the mobile service “Consultant” is that you will receive an answer to your question from several lawyers who may have different points of view and different arguments, but each answer may suit your case, because it is composed of practicing lawyers who know the law. relevant field.

For people who, in their opinion, have encountered a common problem, the service has created and is constantly updated archive of consultations, where you may be able to find the answer to your question if a similar problem was already with the client receiving advice.

Quite often lawyers are given answers to questions on the following topics, so you can easily find the situation you are interested in in the archive:

  • How to open or close a business in Ukraine? – lawyers recommend a certain form of business and taxation system;
  • Were you fired legally? – the reason for dismissal is usually considered and the client receives recommendations to appeal the dismissal and resumption of work with the recovery of wages for the period of forced absence;
  • What problems arise due to lack of vaccination or COVID certificates? – whether it is legal to require vaccination from subordinates at work, what to do in case of a fine on public transport;
  • How to get compensation for damage? – lawyers advise on how to recover damages after traffic accidents, what to do when the insurance company refuses to cover damages;
  • How to avoid paying fines for violating traffic rules? – the client receives practical advice on how to act in extraordinary situations, for example, the requirements of police officers to pass a test for alcohol content in the body;
  • How to get certain subsidies? – where to apply and what documents are needed to receive state financial assistance;
  • What to do if there is a debt? – how to act to the client, if he is not able to repay the debt on time, what are the possible options for debt restructuring;
  • How to respond to violence? – The client learns how to respond to domestic or workplace violence.

The above situations are already contained in the archive, which you can find at:

Do not hesitate, download the application and get answers to questions from several professionals in your field by paying only once.

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