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 Over the last few years, the services of financial institutions that provide so-called microloans – loans of small amounts of money, usually in the amount of UAH 3,000 – have become widely popular. up to UAH 15,000.

 On a search query – a microloan or a quick loan, any search service on the Internet publishes a lot of advertising of financial institutions that provide microloans, for which a person only needs a passport, registration number of the taxpayer and mobile phone, any other documents , in particular, no one requires a certificate of income from work, etc.

 It is easy to apply for such microloans simply by using the website or mobile application, entering passport data, registration number of the taxpayer’s account card and identification via mobile phone, as well as the bank card or account number, and all – a cash loan is available to the person, as a rule, makes from 3 000 UAH. up to UAH 15,000, with funds credited instantly.

 The downside of such an easy way to get a loan is the huge interest that a person has to pay for the use of such funds, but the person pays attention to this only when the due date comes.

 However, whether to use such loans or not, it is everyone’s choice.

 In this article, we will focus on cases where fraudsters using the passport data of others, make such microloans on them, indicating their card accounts, and then withdraw cash from these bank cards.

 As a result of the above, the person in whose name the microloan was issued learns that he owes the financial institution the amount of the loan and twice the amount of interest for using the loan, even though such person did not receive credit money at all.

  What to do in a situation when a loan has been issued in your name, on your documents and without your knowledge?

 First of all, you should immediately apply to law enforcement agencies with a statement of a criminal offense with a preliminary legal qualification under Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine Fraud and Article 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine Forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps.

 Next, it is necessary to ensure the entry of information in the Unified State Register of pre-trial investigations on the basis of your statement of crime, ie the opening of criminal proceedings. For the average citizen, this is not always possible.

 After entering information into the Unified State Register of Pre-trial Investigations on the basis of your statement of crime, and opening criminal proceedings, it is advisable for you to obtain the status of a victim in criminal proceedings.

 Further, ideally, which is not very common, the criminal offense will be investigated by the pre-trial investigation body with which you, as the victim, need to actively interact.

 Simultaneously with the above actions, you need to apply in writing to the financial institution where the loan was issued in your name, and inform that you have not personally issued a loan, did not receive funds, as well as that you have applied to law enforcement bodies with a statement of a criminal offense and received the status of a victim in criminal proceedings.

 The complex of the above actions will allow in the future not to pay the financial institution the money received by fraudsters using your personal data.

 Also, depending on the situation, in the future you should apply to the court to declare the loan agreement invalid.

Important to remember!

 You must be careful when using personal data, when registering on various sites, as well as when providing copies of passport documents to third parties so as not to fall victim to fraud in the future.

Author: Svyatoslav Ugrin

lawyer of the law firm «Prikhodko and Partners»

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