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One to the main activities of our company is to provide migration services to foreigners. Numerous citizens of other countries come to Ukraine to conduct their own business, work in Ukrainian companies or are sent here to work with a certain foreign company. 

In Ukraine, it is difficult to get the desired job even for a Ukrainian, with already having education, skills and knowledge of the state language, but for foreign citizens in Ukraine it is even more difficult. Especially for those who do not speak Ukrainian or even Russian. It is with such foreigners that our law company works, the specialists of which professionally and efficiently provide services in obtaining permits for employment of a foreigner or stateless person in Ukraine.

Citizens of other countries in Ukraine can only work if they have a work permit, which can be obtained at the employment center. There is no obligation to obtain a work permit only by a foreigner who already lives in Ukraine on a permanent basis. 

Full instructions for obtaining such a document are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine, namely the Law of Ukraine “On Employment”.

This law identifies the categories of foreign citizens who need to apply for a work permit for foreigners in Ukraine, for example, hired employees, business travelers, and highly paid professionals.

Among these categories, the law defines the categories of foreigners with respect to which special rules apply when applying for a work permit in Ukraine, for example, such as highly paid specialists or beneficiaries of a legal entity.

The main documents are:

  • photo 3,5×4,5;
  • notarized translation of a foreign passport;
  • a completed application in the prescribed form and signed by the employer;
  • draft employment contract (must be certified by the employer);
  • power of attorney on the company’s letterhead for the person representing the interests of the company in state bodies on the issue of obtaining work permits for a particular foreigner.

The procedure and deadline for obtaining a work permit

Having collected everything you need, you need to submit your documents to the employment center through the administrative services center (hereinafter TsNAP) in your administrative district. The decision on the satisfaction of the application in the issue of obtaining a work permit in Ukraine is taken throughout 7 working days plus a couple of days are allocated for the publication of the results. If everything went well and your application was granted, you will receive your original employment permit through the TsNAP. From the moment of the promulgation of a positive decision, it is necessary to pay a state fee for issuing a permit. And here you need to be careful, since the size of receipts for issuing a work permit is tied to the size of mines. living min for able-bodied persons as of January 1 of the current year, which means that the amount of receipts in 2020 is:

For the issuance of a work permit for a period of up to 1 year to 3 years is 12 612, 00 UAH.

For registration of a work permit for a period of 6 months to 1 year, the cost is 8 408, 00 UAH


Also, it is very important not to forget to submit to the employment center a certified copy of the employment contract (contract) by the employer. This is given 90 days. Otherwise, a work permit in Ukraine for a foreigner or stateless person will be canceled. And in this case, the cost of the receipts paid for the issuance of the permit will not be returned.

After obtaining a permit, a foreigner has the opportunity to apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for a period of 1 or 3 years, in accordance with the period for which a work permit in Ukraine was obtained.

A work permit for a foreigner can also be extended in action by going through preliminary procedures in the same employment center.

In order to avoid mistakes when applying for a work permit and in order to save your time and nerves, I recommend that you contact our company! We will be happy to help you!

Author: Tatyana Petrik

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