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What are the features of withdrawal from citizenship of Ukraine

If you decide to emigrate from Ukraine, first of all you need to familiarize yourself with the procedure for withdrawing from citizenship of Ukraine. Since it is impossible in most cases to voluntarily withdraw from citizenship of Ukraine, it will be worth going through a very burdensome process – initiate the withdrawal from citizenship of Ukraine on your own or undergo the procedure for its loss.

  Important! It is necessary to distinguish between two types of renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship: exit and loss. Withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship is issued in the case when a person permanently resides abroad and, accordingly, has already received permission in Ukraine for permanent residence abroad; The loss of Ukrainian citizenship is relevant when the Ukrainian has already received citizenship of his host country, as well as in the event of military service in your host country and as a result of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship in accordance with the Law on the basis of fake documents, facts and circumstances. The loss is initiated solely by a government agency. 

 There are countries of the world, in the case of which they acquire citizenship, a person automatically loses their “native” citizenship. Such countries, for example, are Belarus and Georgia.

According to the Law, there are such ways of withdrawing from Ukrainian citizenship:

  • automatic exit (this is a special case, it is applied if there are relevant international treaties);
  • forced termination of Ukrainian citizenship;
  • voluntary exit from Ukrainian citizenship.

The legislation clearly provides for the grounds, causes and restrictions upon withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship.

 The general rules state that the exit from the citizenship of Ukraine is only possible if the host country where you want to emigrate has given you the right to permanent residence. Also, the person concerned applies to the host country for acceptance of citizenship. The country – the respondent must necessarily approve this application, as well as provide the conditions and deadline for the complete withdrawal of citizenship of Ukraine or resort to the automatic termination of citizenship of Ukraine.

Necessary documents for registration of withdrawal from citizenship of Ukraine;

  • application for withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship;
  • photos 3.5×4.5 cm
  • foreign passport of Ukraine;
  • document confirming the mandatory adoption of a person in his citizenship after formalizing the exit from the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • receipt.

Where to go.

 All documents you have collected for the exit from citizenship of Ukraine must be submitted personally to the applicant at the consular post of Ukraine abroad in the country of permanent residence.

Important! Before an official exit from Ukrainian citizenship, a person needs to obtain citizenship or a guarantee from his host country to become a citizen, if all the requirements are met, to reside abroad permanently, and at the same time, he must obtain permission to leave for permanent residence abroad from Ukraine. 

Deadlines for issuing an exit.

  • Over the course of a month, a consular post where documents are being submitted for withdrawal from citizenship of Ukraine conducts an examination of the applicant’s documents;
  • For another month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the consular post sends documents, conducts an audit in its area of ​​competence;
  • Over the course of the year, the Commission under the President of Ukraine has been studying the case again, having previously checked and collected the necessary information.

The decision to withdraw from citizenship of Ukraine is made by the President of Ukraine, which is officially fixed in the decree of the President. The applicant ceases to be a citizen of Ukraine only when this Decree becomes effective.

Author: Tatyana Petrik

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