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Adopted the Law “On introducing amendments to the deed legislative acts in order to give more order to administrative administrations in the field of public services and the creation of the United state electronic system in the field of business”

In accordance with this Law, amendments are made to a number of laws by which the abbreviation of the most important administrative and statutory services is reduced to the sphere of business, lower prices when they are given, and due care is given to the public.

Sokrema, vzoryoryutsya Єdina gosudarna elektronnaya system in the field of business in the warehouse of the municipal cadastre.

Zgіdno іz Law, the holder elektronnoї sistemi Je central organ of vikonavchoї Vladi scho zabezpechuє formuvannya that realіzuє Reigning polіtiku in sferі budіvnitstva, arhіtekturi, mіstobuduvannya and tehnіchnim admіnіstratorom elektronnoї systems – viznachene Kabіnetom Mіnіstrіv Ukraine Reigning unіtarne pіdpriєmstvo, yak vіdnesene to spherical upravlіnnya central authority vikonavchoї ownership, real estate policy in the field of information technology, electronic equipment, form and technology of national electronic information resources Сів, development of informational suspension.

Please submit documents to the electronic form for the removal of all administrative and related services from the field of business, as well as the removal of such services in the electronic form 24 years for an additional 7 days a day.

Okrіm of skorochuєtsya perelіk dokumentіv scho podayutsya for otrimannya admіnіstrativnih poslug in sferі budіvnitstva, zaprovadzhuєtsya Electonics Electonics VZAYEMODIYA mіzh Reigning іnformatsіynih resources sub’єktami nadannya admіnіstrativnih poslug in sferі budіvnitstva for otrimannya admіnіstrativnih poslug the principle of “єdinogo Vikna” i otrimannya rezultatіv nadannya admіnіstrativnih a servant in the electronic form, the abolition of the paper’s primitive less for the bazhany.

Also, payment of administrative services in the field of business, a fine for law enforcement in the field of business, law and law, if you are to pay for additional electronic systems.

Provided with an identifier of a business event and a completed business event, which will be an invariable stretch of the life cycle of the business process and the unified order of assigning an address to the address of an undisclosed main

Information, such as retrieving from the United Power System in the field of business (except for personal data) є by entering and until it is possible to deny access through the portal of the electronic system.

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