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Value added tax compensation

 With the help of our lawyers and attorneys, you get the best chance of VAT refunds.

 Our specialists will support compensation at any stage:

✔ we will prepare a tax reporting package and annexes thereto

✔ if the required package of documents is already ready, we check it for compliance with the requirements of the current legislation in order to minimize the refusal

✔ if you have received a waiver, we will help you to file an administrative or judicial appeal

 With us, you can ignore the routine issues related to taxation, we will take care of all the tasks, as well as develop recommendations on tax optimization.

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 When the VAT payer is eligible for budget refund?

 The conditions under which the VAT payer is entitled to claim negative amounts for budgetary compensation (hereinafter referred to as “BV”) are set out in Nos. 200.4 PCB.

This can be done if the amount of VAT generated is negative:

actually paid to suppliers of goods (services) or to the state budget;

does not exceed the registration limit at the time of submission of the declaration.

 Warning! VAT payers who have a tax debt should be aware that the negative amount is initially paid to pay off the tax debt, and only then can the balance be declared in the BV.

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