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 Agreement – an agreement between the parties to establish, change, terminate rights and obligations. Are you looking for someone to entrust the preparation of the contract? Do you want to protect your interests and avoid unacceptable conditions in the contract? Entrust the preparation and analysis of the contract to the specialists of Prykhodko & Partners. We will provide competent legal support and ensure that items that may restrict your rights are removed from the document.

 An incorrectly drafted contract may simply not be inspected by government agencies, and disguised items smeared on the document can be a serious blow to material well-being.

 Legal analysis of the contract, conducted by specialists of our company, allows to eliminate not only the inaccuracies mentioned above, but also to supplement the draft contract with missing conditions. In addition to legal literacy, the contract must contain instructions for the parties, clearly define the procedure in a given situation. This is important in cases where there are violations of the terms of the contract. In such a situation, the court must determine the guilty party. To do this, the party alleging a violation of their rights must prove the wrongdoing of the other party. The more correct and clear the contract, the simpler and easier it is to convince the court or the other party of the fairness and objectivity of its legal position. Sometimes, after checking the contract, it turns out that signing the contract on the proposed terms can cause significant losses to the client. The recommendation not to enter into a contract in the proposed version does not mean the end of the negotiation process and the beginning of the search for new suppliers, customers, contractors, creditors, etc. On the contrary, disagreements over the text of the “standard” contract tell the other party about the need to take into account the rights of our client and perform their duties honestly from the very beginning.

 For each type of contract there are mandatory conditions or in accordance with the Civil Code – significant, for the contract it is the terms of work – initial and final, for the contract of sale is the name, quantity and range, for rent is the lease term. The subject of the contract is essential for each contract. The contract must allow to determine what it is concluded. If the subject of the contract is, for example, a vehicle, the vehicle must be identified in it, ie the specified VIN code.

 Legal examination of the contract is carried out by our company within one to three days, depending on the scope of the contract. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Author: Ivan Ishchuk

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