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Violations, abuses and disputes in the field of state registration for today are not uncommon for Ukraine. This applies to both state registration of real estate (property rights, encumbrances, etc.), as well as registration of enterprises (legal entities and FOPs). There are a lot of reasons for the emergence of controversial situations: fake documents, raider hijacking, abuse by the state registrar, fraud with the state register, inactivity of the registrar, groundless refusal to register, etc. Fraudulent actions are usually carried out with the help of so-called “black registrars” or “black notaries“. One way of protecting their rights for citizens and entrepreneurs in such cases is to challenge the actions of the state registrar. And here you can distinguish two ways to file a complaint. The first one is the Commission for the consideration of complaints in the field of state registration under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The alternative to this is the appeal to the court.

In general, appealing against the decisions of the state registrar, or any other subject of registration, is today a very common practice. This is due, first of all, to the decentralization of the scope of registration of rights to real estate, as well as the emergence of new entities, which, differently and not always in favor of the applicant, interpret this or that law.

If you were affected by the actions of “black” registrars (notaries), the riders captured your property, you suddenly learned that it seemed to someone “sold” their apartment, although no documents were signed and you do not intend to sell your property at all, you have a corporate conflict and the opponents blocked the work of the company; you have the opportunity to appeal against the illegal decision of the registrar who registered the change of the owner of the property or business by filing a complaint with the State Registration Complaints Commission or to the court.

Great experience in the field of business registration and registration of real estate rights, as well as the solid knowledge of our lawyers and lawyers in this area of ​​legal relations, gives the maximum effect in providing this service to our clients.

If your legal rights are violated by the actions of an unscrupulous registrar, our lawyers will advise you qualified advisers, prepare a complaint to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or bring a lawsuit to the court and will accompany you qualitatively before receiving a positive decision of the Commission or a court decision and its implementation.

The cost of supporting the process of challenging decisions in the field of registration of rights to real estate and business depends on a number of factors affecting the content and volume of the information being investigated. You can find a preliminary consultation by calling us.

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