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 The «Consultant» project is designed to provide you with legal advice simply, correctly, quickly and safely. To do this, you just need to enter your question, and a lawyer or a lawyer will find you.

 Our users are very satisfied with the online consultation service, because they answer their questions quickly and competently. In addition, this approach avoids the fear of “live” communication with a lawyer. Quick response and step-by-step introduction to the problem is provided remotely and without leaving home. Yes, it’s really hard to believe, but with modern tools it has become possible.

 «Consultant» offers to get a very quick and competent answer, first of all, and, secondly – to save money. Our users know this is the right way to go, especially since they learn a few opinions on an important issue. In the reviews you can often find comments that users have always received a competent and useful answer, and therefore can only recommend «Consultant» to others.

 Please note that experts may initially answer your questions only through the website. The number of characters that an expert can respond to is limited. Note that the expert’s answer does not in any way replace the individual advice that you will be able to receive in the future and if necessary.

 Please also note that when answering your questions or providing secondary advice, there are relationships that require experts to maintain secrecy, as most lawyers are lawyers and are covered by legal secrecy. For example, if you want to further verify contracts or documents, file a lawsuit, or defend against claims or notices, you should seek legal advice from verified «Consultant» Project specialists.

Also, do not forget that the best choice for professional legal advice – a specialized lawyer. As legal competence does not depend on the place of residence, and an experienced expert on your legal problem cannot always be found on site, the «Consultant» can provide guaranteed qualified advice from a specialized lawyer, as the base of consultants covers all areas of law.

The special convenience and practical relevance of the project stems from the fact that the «Consultant» is constantly improved and optimized by active lawyers. We do not tolerate mistakes and listen carefully to the constructive feedback of our users. Our goal has been and is to create a highly productive, useful and high-quality product for ordinary citizens and lawyers, and we are confident that we have achieved this through a wide range of features and many innovative opportunities.

 If you still have questions – contact our team, we will be happy to help you, or download the mobile application «Consultant» to your smartphone and check its effectiveness by asking questions.

Author: Dmitry Yarmoliuk

project manager «Consultant»

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