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 In previous articles, we said that the law firm «Prikhodko and Partners» became the initiator of the development and, accordingly, the owner of the startup project «Consultant», which aims to solve your various tasks, issues and problems. We also talked in detail about the project itself, its benefits, strengths, and features of use. In this article we will talk about who you can contact in our application and what questions you can answer.

 We also remind you that you can download our «Consultant» application to your smartphone from the App Store and Google Play.

So who can you contact at «Consultant»?

 ◉ Jurisconsult

 A lawyer is a person who has professional knowledge in the field of law (legal sciences), legislation and practice of its application. A lawyer can be universal or specialize in a particular field. As far as your rights and responsibilities are concerned, the lawyer will provide you with a qualified solution to the problem.

 ◉ Lawyer

 A lawyer is a lawyer whose activities are accompanied by more serious professional responsibilities as well as competence. Advocacy is regulated by the Law of Ukraine «On Advocacy and Advocacy». In addition, to become a lawyer you need to have experience as a lawyer, as well as pass the appropriate exam. Therefore, all lawyers are lawyers, but not all lawyers can be called lawyers. In addition, only a lawyer will be able to help resolve your issue in court, as a lawyer will not have adequate legal representation.

 ◉ Accountant

 An accountant is a person who is responsible for the financial and economic activities of the enterprise. Everything related to accounting, reporting, finance – will decide the accountant.


An auditor is a person who audits accounting data and financial statements in order to express an independent opinion on its compliance with national laws and standards. Everything related to the assessment of the state of your business – the auditor will decide.

 ◉ Notary

 A notary is a person authorized by the state to perform notarial acts, carry out registration activities, issue acts of coercion, etc. If you have questions about the sale, inheritance, gift, registration of real estate, certification of documents – it’s all up to the notary.

 ◉ Private performer

 A private executor is a person authorized by the state to enforce court decisions. If you have a court decision, but there are problems with its execution – it will be decided by a private executor.

 ◉ Arbitration manager

 An arbitration trustee is a person who, in a bankruptcy case, acts as a trustee, reorganization trustee or liquidator. If you have questions in the field of bankruptcy – they will be answered by the arbitral trustee.

  Patent Attorney

 A patent attorney is a person who carries out legal protection of intellectual property. If you have any questions about copyright, utility model, discoveries, developments, etc. – they will be resolved by a patent attorney.

 ◉ Customs broker

 A customs broker is a person who declares goods moving across the customs border. If you have questions in this area – you to the customs broker.

 The «Consultant» project gathered all these specialists in one place. So download the application and consult.

Author: Dmitry Yarmoliuk

project manager «Consultant»

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