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 Quite often clients of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm ask clients for clarification on the need to produce a technical passport for their own real estate, be it an apartment, a garage, an unfinished building, a dwelling house, a country house and when it is needed.

 First, let’s consider what a technical passport is?

 According to the regulations of the legislation of Ukraine the technical passport – the document which is made on the basis of materials of the technical inventory of the real estate object, contains basic information about it (location (address), composition, technical characteristics, plan and description of the object, name / name the owner / customer, information about the ownership of the real estate object, information about the business entity that produced the technical passport, etc.) and is issued to the customer. The technical passport must be stitched, numbered and affixed with the signature of the head of the economic entity that carried out the inventory, as well as the signature of the contractor and controller, indicating the series and number of the qualification certificate for the right to perform works on the technical inventory of real estate objects. The technical passport can be issued both for the whole building and for a part of it, such as an apartment or a group of premises.

In what cases is it necessary to produce a technical passport?

 The technical passport is drawn up during the initial and current inventory and is required in the following cases:

  • buying and selling an apartment / house (real estate object);
  • registration of privatization;
  • registration of ownership of a house or apartment;
  • commissioning of illegally constructed buildings;
  • commissioning of houses built according to permits;
  • during the redevelopment and reconstruction of the apartment / house for the purpose of its legalization (according to the “Instruction on the procedure of technical inventory of real estate objects”, the already performed redevelopment may be legalized by making a technical passport and subsequent registration in the Unified State Register of Real Property Rights property).

 The initial inventory is carried out for the first time and is mandatory for the commissioning of constructed objects (houses): dwelling houses, cottages, garages, shops, shopping centers and other infrastructure, etc.

 Where can I get a technical passport?

 The technical inventory for the purpose of production of the technical passport is carried out at the initiative of the owner. To obtain a technical passport, you must contact a utility or private BTI, which have engineers with the appropriate certificate that allows to carry out work of this type. The certificate should contain information with an individual certification number, which you can check yourself in the database of engineers of Ukraine.

 When ordering this service, the applicant must have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a document confirming ownership. The owner of the apartment or the authorized person must provide access to the premises for measurements. Further, within the stipulated time a technical passport is produced and passed to the owner or the authorized person.

 The validity of the technical passport

 At present, the validity of the technical passport is not regulated. But do not forget, if there is a need to sell, conclude or renegotiate mortgages, repair work related to the redevelopment of the apartment (and more), you need to issue a new technical passport.

Author: Nikolay Baranovskiy

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