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To date, probably every average citizen faces the need for legal assistance. These needs may arise from public life as well as from a person’s employment.

In Ukraine, one of the most common professions is the profession of a lawyer. Despite this, it is difficult to get quality help. It depends on such factors as: lack of professionalism of lawyers, high-paying services, and also it takes a long time.

To solve this problem, namely to get high-quality professional help of a specialist, for a short period of time and a small price – began to use the online consultation of a lawyer through the Internet.

There are many different legal advisory platforms, the most common being:

        – B2B Counlult

        – “Protocol”

        – The Consultant, et al.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of these legal advisory platforms.

First, B2B Counlult is an all-Ukrainian online legal advice service.

You need to pre-register to ask a lawyer a question. Registration in this service is easy. In the process of asking a question, the customer can choose the category to which they refer their own question. It is quite convenient and guarantees a greater probability of getting the correct answer. It also has the advantage of being able to provide feedback on the lawyers and the answer to the questions, both positive and negative, as well as the person who is interested in a particular issue can set their own price for the consultation and deadline.

 The disadvantages of this service is that it has a fairly complex interface, no mobile application. Also, it is impossible to ask a question until the client has submitted payment information, since the minimum cost of the question is 50 UAH.

Second, Protocol is an information and legal resource that provides legal services to network users. This resource is one of the most common in Ukraine.

In order to ask a question you must first register as a Client. Registration takes a little time. The consultation is free, the answers are quick.

Also, you can choose a lawyer in the directory and ask him questions. You can also view information about a lawyer, his / her mailbox and mobile number. Also, in my opinion, the advantages are that the site can buy legal literature, and the site contains a convenient information base, which consists of interesting court decisions.

The disadvantages of this information resource is that the site has a lot of non-core advertising with links to Internet resources of various nature, which interferes with the work. The site interface is not very user-friendly, because a lot of information is contained on the site. Also, in my opinion, the downside of this site is that customer contact information is open. Lawyers do their own business to find new clients, but not all clients like it. Because of this, quite a few customers are removing themselves from the site to avoid receiving these messages.

And the third is the Consultant. This legal information resource has emerged only recently, but has started to develop rapidly and has received positive feedback. The advantage of this resource is that it is answered by professional lawyers and lawyers from all over Ukraine in a short period of time. Registration on this information resource is quite simple.

Also, the advantages of this project are that the Consultant is implemented as a self-supporting structure without the intervention of the project administration. Yes, by downloading a mobile application, a person can get legal advice from all professionals in the field in a short period of time. Also, the client can choose the specialist whose answer he liked most to solve his own question more specifically. This ensures maximum efficiency and a positive result.

Thus, having conducted a detailed analysis of these information resources, we can conclude that there is a future in a lawyer’s online consultation. This service is very active nowadays and is quite useful for the average citizen and very convenient. Online legal advice can help you get help quickly and save money.

 Of the legal advisory platforms listed above, the simplest and most convenient, in my opinion, is “Consultant”. After all, in comparison with Protocol and B2B Counlult – Consultant has the following advantages:

Availability of mobile application.
Closed contact information of the client as well as the lawyer. If necessary, the client can receive them.
Convenience and simplicity of the interface.
No billing information is required as the first three consultations are free.

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