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Foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons – have the right to be on the territory of Ukraine, on certain grounds.

If a foreigner wants to stay on the territory of Ukraine for a long time – PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS provides legal services to obtain a temporary residence permit.

The client receives a residence permit (temporary or on a permanent basis). Document confirming long-term residence and / or stay in Ukraine.

Residence permit – gives the legal right, during its entire validity period, to enter and/or leave the country.

Registration of a temporary residence permitExchange of the Temporary Residence Permit

The temporary residence permit is a document proving the identity, which is the confirmation of the legal residence of foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons, on the territory of Ukraine. This is one of the ways to legalize foreigners, as well as stateless persons, in Ukraine.

Legal grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine


family reunion, with citizens of Ukraine

reunification, with stateless persons and foreigners who obtained a temporary residence permit, in Ukraine

training in Ukraine

work in a religious organization

work in public organization

work in the representation of a foreign entity

work in a branch or a representative office of a foreign bank

implementation of cultural, scientific and / or educational activities

participation in the implementation of international technical assistance projects

be representative or correspondent of a foreign media outlet

completion of the maximum period of detention, at the temporary residence of foreigners and stateless persons

In addition to the services for the registration of a temporary residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons, PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS provides services for the exchange of temporary residence permits. Exchange of a temporary residence permit is mandatory in the following cases: if the temporary residence permit has expired, but the alien has a need, in the future, to be on the territory of Ukraine.

A temporary residence permit can be exchanged for a new one on the terms

the validity of a work permit – from 1 to 3 years

training in Ukraine – up to 4 years

on the basis of marriage, with a citizen of Ukraine – for 1 year

And also, for the period of validity of the document (grounds), on which they received a temporary residence permit

If the basis for temporary residence in Ukraine is employment and you plan to extend the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine, you need to – apply in advance

To exchange a temporary residence permit you need to issue, all accompanying documents – for 15 working days, until the end of the validity period of the species

Juliette Taborskyh

The conditional price of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine – from 2700 UAH

Conditional dates – 15 working days


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