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Tax disputes


Tax disputes – a dispute with the tax inspection on the amount of taxes paid and others. Tax Disputes can be resolved in their favor only with a lawyer who knows exactly all the powers of tax authorities, know how frequently changing tax laws and has extensive experience in resolving disputes with the tax.



Lawyer Tax law:


  • legal audit;
  • analysis of the decision of the tax authority;
  • STI appeal decisions to a higher tax authority;
  • appeal court;
  • Support enforcement proceedings;
  • tax refund;
  • return of overpaid / incorrectly paid taxes, etc;
  • bankruptcy initiated by tax authorities;
  • tax pledge and help our advocate with the forced sale of the assets of the taxpayer.


Attorney «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» will help in matters of tax optimization also will represent your business in disputes with tax authorities.



Tax legislation is very dynamic and taxpayers very difficult to keep track of all the changes, resulting in errors allowed and there are tax disputes.


In order to prevent tax disputes we advise on the application of tax laws and provide assistance in preparation for tax audits and during its implementation.


The key to successful resolution of tax disputes in court is a systematic analysis of counsel all the documents in the case, assessment of prospects for the trial, the decision whether to apply the procedure of administrative appeal, analysis of judicial practice in case, preparing a statement of claim with the selection of legislation that will help the court decide in favor of the taxpayer. Equally important has the qualifications and experience of counsel.



For all categories of cases as possible:


• Preparation and declaration requests to renew the deadline, obtaining evidence, research and engagement to the case of new evidence;
• applying for a judge, clerk of court session;
• Filing complaints against judges.



Our lawyers assist you in matters of tax optimization also present your business interests in disputes with the tax.

For further advice please contact our lawyers.

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