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Legal assistance in the conduct of investigative actions (search, seizure, interrogation, investigative experiment)

 Investigative actions are procedural actions carried out for the collection, investigation and verification of evidence. They are cognitive in nature and have a procedural and legal nature.

 Sometimes the activities of the investigative and operational concerns of the suspect, as well as organizations and citizens somehow involved in this process. Counsel for the defense in this case will help defend your best interests. For example, protection during searches and protection during the seizure of property to help stop illegal actions of investigators towards you.

 Protecting the rights and interests of suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings is to prevent the pressing interests of the individual and the organization, as well as incurring possible losses.

 Turning the assistance of a lawyer in pre-trial investigation, you will receive prompt competent legal assistance and support in order to prevent problems and reduce the negative effect of detention to ensure better protection and assistance at any stage of doing business.

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