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A serviceman was dismissed from the Armed Forces due to family reasons

A serviceman who intended to be exempted from military service in the ranks of the Armed Forces turned to the law office “Prikhodko&Partners” for help. After conducting a consultation with the client, our lawyer Mykhailo Lobunko discovered the circumstances that allow the client to be discharged from military service in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Military Duty and Military Service”. Lawyer practicing military law Lobunko M.I. collected the necessary package of documents, drew up a report on dismissal due to serious circumstances (disability of parents). Accompanied the submission of the report to the command of the military unit. The report was reviewed within 20 days and a response was sent that the client was dismissed from the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Registration of permanent care

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Choosing a preventive measure (refutation of risks by lawyers) and choosing a softer preventive measure

The CLIENT addressed the law office “Prikhodko&Partners” with a question regarding the criminal case based on the fact of Part 4 of Art. 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft) and reported that law enforcement officers will demand money for closing criminal proceedings.
Thus, the lawyers of “Prikhodko&Partners” JSC have taken a number of actions regarding this criminal proceeding, submitted requests, petitions, etc. Immediately after receiving the answers to the lawyer’s requests, the law enforcement officers searched the CLIENT’s residential address and served the latter with a notice of suspicion based on the fact of Part 4 of Art. 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, namely theft of computer equipment in the amount of UAH 1,217,328.14.
After that, a motion was filed to choose a preventive measure. Despite the fact that the pretrial investigation body referred to the existence of risks, the lawyer Kyslychenko P.V. at the court hearing he denied ALL the risks and the request was partially granted, namely in the choice of preventive measure in the form of night house arrest (from 10:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m.).

Debt repayment under the credit agreement

The essence of the matter:
The person turned to the law office “Prikhodko&Partners” for help in restructuring the credit obligation. According to the credit agreement, there was debt in the amount of UAH 42,557.00. The result of the work of lawyers of the law office was the write-off of interest in the amount of UAH 39,557.00. on credit and the absence of claims from the creditor.
Stages: 1) Lawyers submitted a duly formed lawyer’s request to the financial institution, which indicated all the reasons for the borrower’s loss of solvency in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine and described the legal grounds for the debtor to receive restructuring under the credit agreement 2) After sending the lawyer’s request, an additional oral work with representatives of the organization, in which the lawyer explained all the legal rights of borrowers for partial repayment of debts during martial law, described the life circumstances that require the provision of preferential conditions amount, the lawyer controlled the process of drawing up the relevant document, which certifies the agreement of the parties, the financial institution provided a letter of guarantee with the seal of the legal entity, which indicated all the guarantees of closing the loan in the event that the borrower fulfills the terms of the document 4) the borrower deposited the required amount of funds according to the details of the financial organization, the lawyer handed over the payment order to the organization 5) within a few days the organization provided a certificate of no claims against the debtor, signed by the legal entity’s electronic signature 6) the lawyer handed over the corresponding certificate to the Ukrainian Bureau of Credit History to extract information about the loan from the bureau’s database. From that moment, the credit legal relationship between the client and the financial institution was terminated, the obligation was fulfilled in full.


Helped to get a grant "On your own business" in the amount of UAH 250,000.

Client: Dmytro.
Region: Kyiv region, Kyiv.
The goal: to receive a grant “On your own business” in the amount of UAH 250,000.
Business: coffee roasting.

Customer request:

The client’s goal was to purchase more green coffee beans, cover some of the costs of renting space and marketing, and purchase an industrial coffee grinder, which would allow him to improve the quality of his products and increase the volume of production.

Stages of work:

Checking and filling out the questionnaire

After the first meeting with the client, we carefully analyzed his needs and made sure that he meets all the necessary criteria for receiving a grant.

After agreeing to the terms and signing the contract for the provision of services, together with the client, we filled out a questionnaire in which he described the details of the business, a brief information about himself, what exactly the grant funds are needed for and the amount for each item, and indicated the fixed costs associated with business

Development of a business plan

On our part, During the week we developed a business plan, taking into account the main goals and development plans of the client, and taking into account all the conditions of the grantor, and coordinated this business plan with our client to make sure that it reflects his wishes and goals.

Forming an application

Next, it was necessary to correctly fill out the application on the “ACTION” portal, and our lawyers correctly filled out all the necessary documents and forms.

Result: after 3 weeks, we received good news – our client’s application was approved and he was allocated the requested grant amount!

A garden house was put into operation as part of the construction amnesty

In response to the client’s appeal regarding the legal aspects of obtaining legal documents for a real estate object (self-build), as well as registering the right of ownership in the Register of Rights to Real Estate, a request was submitted to the law firm “Prykhodko and Partners” for professional legal assistance with the introduction of self-build. According to the consultation provided, based on the available documents from the client, it was possible to put the garden house into operation under construction amnesty. In addition, recommendations were provided regarding the sequence and timing of the necessary measures, and it was suggested that the house be put into operation by our company on a turnkey basis.

1. The lawyer of the legal company “Prykhodko and Partners” provided a full consultation based on the documents that the Client had. According to the result of the consultation, it was determined that the building can be put into operation under construction amnesty. In addition, the lawyer provided advice on the stages and terms of the works.
2. After receiving the consultation, the Client decided to sign an agreement on the provision of legal assistance with the legal company “Prykhodko and Partners” to receive full legal support in obtaining legal documents for the real estate object.
3. After signing the contract, the lawyer began preparing a package of documents for submission to the State Inspection of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine to obtain a Declaration on the readiness for operation of individual (manor) residential buildings, garden, country houses, household (manor) buildings and structures, buildings and structures of agricultural purpose, which according to the class of consequences (responsibility) belong to objects with insignificant consequences (СС1), built on the land plot of the corresponding purpose without a permit document for the performance of construction works.
4. After submitting the necessary documents, the state architectural and construction control body checked the completeness of the data specified in the declaration within ten working days from the date of receipt of the declaration and entered the information specified in the declaration into the register.
5. After helping the client to register property rights to the real estate object. This is the last stage for putting the garden house into operation.

The term of execution from the moment of signing the contract to the moment of receiving the legal document: 13 working days.

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Oleg Makarov

Very professional team. They competently helped to resolve my issue in the shortest possible time. Advice and approach to clients are at the highest level, so that even a person very far from law can understand everything.

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Yelisey Maksymchuk

The case concerned the dismissal of a relative from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Diana Ihorivna advised me. Very confident and competent specialist. She answered all the questions. Very polite and attentive. She has now sent a list of necessary documents. I recommend her!

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Kristin Oksenenko

Everything is just great! Very quickly helped with the issue. They gave me a good advice and helped me quickly. I am satisfied! Consultant Lisa is a very nice and qualified girl. I recommend her!

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