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Legal outsourcing in Ukraine is an area of ​​legal services that is now gaining popularity. In fact, we have been dealing with it only for the last 3-4 years. Some businesses are actively using it, and for many, the term is not even clear.

The essence of outsourcing is that the company, in order to reduce costs, transfers certain areas of activity to the contractor for a long time. Most often business processes that are not for the company profile are transferred.

In principle, this trend in Ukraine is quite young, but it has already proven itself on the good side.

Legal outsourcing is, first and foremost, the quality of the services provided. A company that specializes in the legal field has a higher quality of service than a full-time lawyer ordinary company. In this case, the costs are quite commensurate with the hiring of a lawyer, especially if you take into account all the taxes, contributions, holidays, hospital fees that a lawyer receives in the company.

Quite often, when representing interests in court, the company has to hire a lawyer, and now a lawyer (due to the changes in the powers in court), specializing in this area. At the same time, there will always be a specialist, lawyer, lawyer, auditor, etc., who has sufficient qualification in the field of litigation in the staff of the law firm providing legal outsourcing.

When choosing a contractor for legal outsourcing, it is advisable to focus on profile companies rather than individual professionals. Most often, these companies bring together professionals of different profiles who provide their services in a complex. For example, audit, consulting, legal and lawyer.

This choice will allow you to evaluate the risks from different sides (both general and narrow-law), choose the right support strategy and guarantee the end result. Now, regarding the privacy of the client in legal outsourcing. You need to understand that a lawyer is a person who is dedicated to virtually every detail of the company and, in most cases, possesses information that is confidential.

If you plan to use a legal outsourcing service, you need to make sure that the contract implies careful treatment of the client’s trade secrets (confidentiality) and that the contractor is responsible in this area. If these conditions are met and the business image of the contractor is not in doubt, then you can safely convey to the lawyers any information necessary to fulfill the undertaken obligations.

At the same time, I would like to point out that the provision of comprehensive legal outsourcing services guarantees a more careful confidentiality of business secrets. If you hire several lawyers in different directions, then it is almost possible, in simple terms, to “drain” information. The company that provides comprehensive support, maintains its reputation and more carefully selects employees. Plus, there are additional services that may arise in the outsourcing process that are not outsourced but are provided by law firm employees.

From this comes another important point related to legal outsourcing. This is something that, together with the duty of legal advice, a contract law firm assumes responsibility for the consequences of the services provided. Needless to say, the demand for a law firm is much higher than for a hired employee.

Thus, it can be concluded that legal outsourcing can significantly increase the development potential of the enterprise, focus on the main area of ​​activity and not dissipate attention to minor issues.

All the facts presented in this material have been worked out for more than two years of our law firm’s work in the field of legal outsourcing. During this time, we have acquired several dozen customers who use this service on a regular basis. We are trusted and this is the main indicator in our work.

Author: Ishchuk Ivan

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