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Working sailor’s degree

Specializing in military law

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For a sailor, a working diploma is the document without which it is impossible to go on a voyage today. Moreover, any interview for such a job will be accompanied by the fact that the sailor will be asked about the availability of a working diploma. Of course, skills and knowledge are primary, but their presence must be confirmed by relevant documents. The diploma is the key one. We will tell you in more detail about what they are, and also – how legal support of Prikhodko&Partners can be useful when obtaining a sailor’s diploma.

What are the features of a working diploma for a sailor?

This document confirms the qualification of a specialist. For those who draw it up not for the first time, the procedure is somewhat simpler, given that they have already encountered its nuances in practice. However, for maritime professionals who draw up this document for the first time, independently collecting a package of supporting documentation and running around the offices can be a real test. The bureaucratic and human factor does its job. At the same time, high-quality legal support can significantly simplify the procedure.

What documents are needed for a working diploma?

In order to obtain a working diploma of a sailor, you need to prepare and submit the following list of documents:

  • a copy of the citizen’s passport and the sailor’s passport;
  • a well-written application that you want to get a working diploma;
  • confirmation of this statement;
  • copies of the training and working diploma (the second is relevant when you issue a sailor’s working diploma is not the first time);
  • swimming certificate or service record;
  • photograph taken in accordance with all stipulated requirements (tie, shirt);
  • a copy of the medical book and certificate issued by the international maritime medical commission;
  • copies of certificates required for specific specialties.

It is worth paying more attention to the last of these points. In addition to basic certificates (such as safety certificates), there are a number of such documents for each individual specialty. These documents testify that a person does not only possess the necessary general knowledge, but also has a highly specialized competence for his line of work.

What are seaman’s diplomas?

When we talk about a sailor’s diploma, we mean not just one document format, but a whole group of them, among which the specialist selects and draws up exactly what he needs. Therefore, they may be as follows:

  • Certificate of Proficiency. The presence of this document indicates that a specialist in maritime affairs may have positions of an unconventional type.
  • Certificate of Competence. Here we are talking about a diploma, thanks to which the seafarer confirms that he has sufficient qualifications to apply for positions listed in the International Maritime Convention.
  • Endorsement. This is what is called certification. This document needs to be updated every 5 years.


Thus, the requirements for seafarers to complete the necessary documents are carefully regulated. In practice, independent actions in order to carry them out can take a lot of time, and sometimes even attempts, when you need to independently find out, feed, refine or correct the wording in the application. To free yourself from this, it is worth enlisting the support of qualified lawyers who understand these issues.

Legal support of the procedure for obtaining a sailor’s diploma is one of the important areas in the specialization of the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners”. So we will help competently and professionally.

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