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Certificates for sailors

Specializing in military law

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Maritime certificates are documents that confirm that seafarers have undergone the necessary training, and their qualifications meet the current requirements for this profession. This is important, because such work is associated with great responsibility and sometimes risk. Therefore, it is a very important aspect that a seafarer has certificates that confirm not only the key qualifications, but also the knowledge of how to preserve life and health while on board. In order for a sailor to be allowed to work, he must have such certificates.

What certifications are key?

To begin with, it is worth considering the question of who exactly determines the necessary certificates for seafarers. This is fixed by the authors of the International Maritime Convention.

The certificates indicate that the seafarer has the following competencies:

  • the necessary level of knowledge required for his position on the ship;
  • practical skills that make it possible to implement this knowledge in the context of real work;
  • the ability to respond promptly and competently in the conditions of unforeseen situations;
  • the ability to be responsible for the transportation of goods;
  • the ability to make a tangible and clearly measurable contribution to strengthening the quality of the team’s work.

There are many types of certificates for seafarers. Let’s consider the key ones. This is the preparation:

  • on security issues;
  • on rafts and lifeboats;
  • by speed boats;
  • fighting fires;
  • from the organization of ship management;
  • for ship protection;
  • on-board medical care and first aid;
  • on the organization of the watch on the ship;
  • work with electronic maps.

In addition to the listed varieties, there are many highly specialized certificates. For example, these are certificates of training for work with cargo operations on chemical tankers or oil tankers. Or – a certificate confirming the possibility of using the inert gas system. In short, there are many options, and the choice depends on the specialization of each particular sailor. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following large groups:

  • Certificates of general training. Required by all, as they reflect the basic level of knowledge and skills required for this type of work.
  • Certificates for ship protection. Important are in the context of security issues.
  • Certificates on tankers. These documents confirm that the seafarer can really work on such vessels.
  • Certificates of certain specialties – for example, for radio specialists, mechanics, ship drivers.

“Maritime Administration of Sea and River Transport of Ukraine” already in the fall of 2020 determined the list of certificates that is minimally necessary for a sailor. However, for work on some specific seagoing vessels, the employer may require a specialist and additional certificates.

In order for the documents to be legal, they must be issued by accredited centers. In this case, it is best to choose the option of legal support in obtaining a certificate, as specialists will competently navigate all relevant issues.


What documents are required for issuing certificates?

Obtaining certificates for sailors is accompanied by training in accredited maritime training centers. In order to do this, you need to provide:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • TIN certificate;
  • passport;
  • seafarer’s identity card, if any;
  • photo in electronic form.

The photo must be in high quality, and the sailor himself must be in a white shirt with a tie. It is also possible to submit a diploma of maritime specialization, a record book and a work diploma with confirmation, if such documents are available.

How will our services be useful?

The team of the “PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS” law office will help you to issue such certificates. We will competently advise, answer your questions and provide legal support for the procedure for obtaining certificates. Our company has good experience in this direction. That is why we help our clients efficiently and quickly.

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