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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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B1/B2 visa to the USA

When we talk about the US B1/B2 visa, we are talking about the tourist type of visa. The team of specialists in the practice of migration law of the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” regularly works with requests related to the field of international law, so we know how to help clients in this matter – from consulting to legal support. We suggest considering in which cases such a visa may be appropriate, as well as what documents are required for its issuance.

So, who is suitable for a US tourist visa?

Usually, such a visa is issued by people who need:

  • periodically participate in sports competitions, various contests and professional conferences;
  • conduct negotiations and establish cooperation with companies operating in the USA;
  • participate in the implementation of international projects;
  • resolve property issues in another country;
  • visit family living in the US;
  • travel and work as a freelancer from a convenient location.

Thus, there are many reasons to apply for a tourist visa that allows you to travel to the USA.


What does a B1/B2 visa give a person?

Such a visa is issued for a period of 10 years. It gives the opportunity to visit America regularly, staying there for 1 visit for up to 180 days. But if we are talking about business visits, then their border officers usually allow up to 90 days for 1 trip. However, their decisions are influenced by various factors. These are the regularity of previous trips, visa history, length of stay in the States. In general, during the year you can make up to 10 trips.

Віза в США B1/B2

What documents are required to open a visa?

To issue such a visa, there must be:

  • valid foreign passport with two blank pages on 1 page (a photocopy of the previous passport may also be required);
  • 2 color photos, the size of which is 5×5 centimeters (the face should occupy up to 50% of the photo area);
  • a copy of the marriage or divorce certificate;
  • a copy of the Ukrainian passport, certificate of personal identification number;
  • certificate from the place of work, which must be issued on the letterhead of the company and contain all the necessary details (position, salary, signature of the director and chief accountant, seal);
  • a certificate confirming the property status (if there is a bank credit card, then there must be a copy and a printout from the banking institution);
  • additional documents, which can be a copy of the technical passport for the car, for the apartment, and company documents where your name appears;
  • Ds-160 (we help in manufacturing).

Visa issuance is possible only abroad, for this you need to make an appointment at the consular office in advance, and our team ensures this.

How can we be useful?

The staff of the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” specializes, among other things, in migration law. Therefore, our clients contact us regularly with the issue of issuing visas to other countries. If we talk about services in this vector, we are talking about consulting and legal support of the procedure. As part of the consultation process, we answer your questions and guide you in which type of visa will be relevant for your request. We also tell you what the conditions are for opening a visa.

As for the support, it provides an appointment for registration, as well as assistance in preparing the package of documents that will be needed for this. Most often, our clients apply for this kind of full service, since the support of professional lawyers in this matter gives an opportunity to make their lives significantly easier.


Among the advantages possessed by the team of the migration department of the legal company “Prikhodko&Partners”, it is worth noting:

  • Great experience. We have been working in the field of migration law for a long time, so we help our clients effectively.
  • The ability to explain complex legal phenomena to the client in accessible words. This frees you from the need to search for information on your own.
  • Adjusted work algorithms. In the topics we specialize in, clients turn to us regularly. So we know how best to act so that their requests in the legal field are implemented in the most efficient way.

Therefore, we will help you to apply for a visa in the USA and do everything necessary to make it as quick as possible.

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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