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Licensing of medical facilities

According to current Ukrainian legislation, the provision of any medical services in Ukraine must be accompanied by obtaining a license. If a license is not obtained, the activity is considered illegal and punishable by fines (1000-2000 NMDG).

Modern medical law provides that medical practice is carried out:

  1. By medical specialties. Their list is approved by the Ministry of Health.
  2. At the place of medical assistance.
  3. By types of medical assistance.

The license is granted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. To obtain it, it is important to meet certain requirements and collect the necessary package of documents. Among the characteristics of the license is perpetuity. This means that the license is issued once, without the need for renewal. When obtaining a license, all legal nuances must be taken into account. That is why it is quite difficult to get a license on your own. It is better to entrust this matter to real specialists - Prykhodko and Partners lawyers.


Current package of documents for obtaining a medical license

The following package of documents will be required to obtain a license:

  1. EDRPOU code.
  2. Written statement.
  3. Act (conclusion) of the sanitary-epidemiological service.
  4. Availability of a power of attorney to represent the interests of the licensee.
  5. Copies of documents (passport, TIN, employment book) of the medical director.
  6. A document that allows you to use the premises (agreement of purchase and sale, lease).
  7. Information about the availability of material and technical base.

What should be considered when obtaining a license?

The process of legalizing one's own medical practice is quite important and long. It contains a whole set of procedures: from preliminary consultation to making changes/revision of the license. The Handbook of Occupational Qualifications (Part 78, "Health Care") contains the following information: each of the individual specialties requires a separate license. After the license is obtained, in some cases, it will be necessary to pass the accreditation of the health care institution. Over time, inspections (both scheduled and unscheduled) are conducted by relevant specialized specialists to verify the license and compliance with the license conditions.

Current issue today is the extension of the validity of the medical license to additional specialties, changes to the staff prescription related to the hiring of new medical workers. Here it is important to be very careful: you should enter only relevant data, supporting them with relevant documents. An important issue that should be taken into account is the area of ​​the premises. It must necessarily comply with the norms of the DBN. If activities in specialties are temporarily suspended or completely stopped, a corresponding notification is provided.

In addition, changes may be related to: the place of registration of the FOP, the name of the licensee, a change of surname and other data. Representatives of the licensing authority of the Ministry of Health should be informed about this in advance.


The importance of obtaining a license

Licensing your own activity will save you from many problems in the future. For example, patients, business partners, suppliers, etc. can check the availability and relevance of the license. The medical license check is carried out openly. To do this, you only need to enter the relevant information in the register of the Ministry of Health.

In other words, the presence of a license is the legalization of the provision of various medical services. Don't risk your reputation.


In what cases may it be necessary to cancel a medical license?


  1. Temporary inability to use the purchased or rented premises.
  2. Lack of medical staff.
  3. Personal reasons.

Don't neglect license suspension/cancellation. Remember that having a license gives the licensing authority full right to inspect a beauty salon, medical facility, etc. At the same time, cancellation of the license does not limit the licensee's right to apply for a new license.


Services of lawyers Prykhodko and Partners in medical law

We offer a full range of services related to medical law. A separate direction - licensing of medical institutions, beauty salons, etc. What do we offer? First, all documents will be prepared as quickly as possible and in accordance with the requirements of current Ukrainian legislation. Secondly, you are guaranteed to get a solution to a task of any complexity. We are fully responsible for organizing the licensing process. Thirdly, Prykhodko and Partners lawyers guarantee honesty, safety and results.

Important: we are not only engaged in the preparation of documents, but also provide important recommendations regarding future inspections of your institution by specialists of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Our clients are both private practice doctors and large medical centers and polyclinics.

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An Iryna
Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

He specializes in protecting the business reputation of legal entities, honor and dignity of individuals, protecting intellectual property, disputes with insurance companies, legal support for the activities of public organizations.

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