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Medical practice is determined by Resolution of the CMU No. 285, which approves the license conditions related to it. In this Regulation, medical practice is considered as a type of economic activity in the field of health care. It is carried out by both individuals and health care institutions. The main goal is to provide medical care and related services on the basis of a license. What does it mean? If you plan to provide services under KVEDs:

  • Medical practice (refers to specialized practice).
  • Medical practice (includes in the category "general practice").
  • Dental practice.

You will definitely need to obtain a license. Many have a valid question: how is it guaranteed to get permission to practice medicine? Specialists Prykhodko and Partners will help you with this.


Peculiarities of obtaining a medical practice license

If you need the obtained licenses, the first thing to do is to choose the appropriate specialty and assemble a team of professionals - medical personnel.

Most often this is possible based on one of the following methods:

  1. Availability of medical education of the person who plans to obtain a license.
  2. Employment of specialists with appropriate education.

The next important step is the direct registration of an entity that plans to implement medical practice. When registering, those KVEDs (that is, types of activities) under which the practice of medical direction is planned must be officially indicated.
It is important to remember that if the type and direction of medical care do not require the establishment of a health care facility, the most optimal option is to register the activities of an individual entrepreneur. This option for obtaining a medical license is also regulated by current Ukrainian legislation. What is the ultimate benefit? This is expedient both from an economic and managerial point of view. For example, if a legal entity receives a license, it is necessary to employ a chief physician (it can also be a medical director), analyze the existing legal framework, and formalize the structure of the health care institution's functioning.
When a legal entity receives a license to conduct medical practice, it acts as a health care institution by default. An exception is the need to obtain a license for educational institutions, opening medical offices at enterprises.

What should be remembered when issuing a license?

After the business entity is registered, it is worth proceeding to an important stage - finding a premises where you plan to provide medical services in the future. This can be both the registration of the right of ownership and the conclusion of a sales contract. At the same time, the right of ownership/use of the premises must be held by the business entity - a legal entity or a sole proprietorship.At the same time, the premises should not belong to the housing stock. In addition, the premises must comply with the State Building Regulations.

The next stage is to obtain the appropriate Act confirming the sanitary-epidemiological examination of the real estate object. At this stage, there should be a minimum set of medical equipment, which is necessary for medical practice in the chosen specialty. The above-mentioned document is issued by the relevant territorial body of the State Food Consumer Service according to the territorial principle. After that, you can proceed to the preparation of documents for submission to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


License conditions

Thus, in order to obtain a license for medical practice, the following stages must be completed:

  • Register in the Procedure established by current Ukrainian legislation (as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity).
  • To have premises for economic medical practice.
  • Ensuring the availability of medical workers in the declared medical specialties.
  • Availability of medical equipment, consumables and medical products, which are allowed to be used by current Ukrainian legislation.

Among the results you can get:

  1. Obtaining a license to legalize medical practice.
  2. Refusal to issue a license to conduct medical activities.


Help in obtaining a license for medical practice

Of course, the requirements and license conditions are publicly available, however, not in all cases the doctor manages to correctly issue and submit the documents to the Ministry of Health. Obtaining license documents for the implementation of medical practice is a rather difficult task. Therefore, it is not enough to fulfill only the license conditions. It is important to observe:

    • Requirements provided for by labor legislation and DBN.
    • Norms of legislation in the field of health care.
  • Norms related to sanitary and hygienic legislation.

That is why it is better to entrust this matter to real professionals. Prykhodko and Partners specialists will help you get a license for medical practice as quickly as possible. We guarantee a quality result!

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