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Specializes in military law: appeals to the military medical commission, report writing, support for payments after injury and discharge.

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Despite the fact that military service during martial law is a significant constitutional obligation, there are situations when in a person’s life there are grounds for dismissal from service. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to correctly draw up a report on dismissal. The most common reporting options are:

  • for health;
  • for family reasons.

Let’s consider both options in more detail and tell you how the help of Prikhodko&Partners lawyers can be useful.

What could be the problem with getting fired?

Among the most common problems that a person has during dismissal, the following should be noted:

  • situations where it is difficult to obtain all the necessary information about one’s situation from commanders and officials;
  • confusion due to the large amount of information on the Internet presented vaguely and contradicting each other;
  • ignorance of how to draw up a report correctly and what package of documents to add to it so that the result is achieved.

So, let’s dwell on the options for dismissal reports.

➤ Resignation letter for family reasons

In the report, it is important to avoid vague wording and clearly indicate which particular basis is relevant in your case. Documents confirming this circumstance should be added to the report. If you submit copies, they must be notarized. So, what are the circumstances that serve as grounds for dismissal? Among them:

  1. disability of the wife or parents (I and II groups);
  2. 3 or more minor children in the maintenance of a military man (even if the children are from different marriages, their maintenance is still the basis for receiving dismissal for family reasons);
  3. the stay of the spouse is also in military service if the couple has a minor child.

Point 2 of this list should be touched upon in more detail. When a man supports his children from different marriages by paying alimony, along with the children’s birth certificates, he must add a certificate from the executive service confirming the payment of alimony.


➤ Resignation for health reasons

Resigning from military service on this basis is not easy, because under martial law the list of diseases for which this can be done is narrowed. The norms of the current legislation define an exhaustive list of such diseases. At the same time, their presence must be proved by passing a military medical commission. It is the only body empowered to determine whether a person is fit for military service.

If there is no conclusion of the military medical commission yet, and the serviceman is at the stage when he felt a significant deterioration in health, he can write a report to re-pass the military medical commission or be sent for treatment. In such a situation, it is important to clearly and convincingly state the existing health complaints.

If you are in just such a situation, then it is likely that you will need phased legal support in writing various reports – first for referral to the military medical commission, and then for dismissal.

How can we be helpful?

The team of specialists of the law office “Prikhodko&Partners” includes specialists who are focused in their work directly on military affairs. For our part, we:


we will provide full and competent advice on your request;



we will undertake the work of compiling reports;



we will provide representation of your interests, if necessary.


Solving legal issues on your own is often difficult. At the same time, the workload of military service in many cases simply makes it impossible to do this due to lack of time. Therefore, contacting lawyers will be a good solution in this case.

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Specializes in military law: appeals to the military medical commission, report writing, support for payments after injury and discharge.

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