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Chernikov Dmitry

Specializes in criminal, civil and administrative law, recalculation of military pensions

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Military attorney

Chernikov Dmitry

Specializes in criminal, civil and administrative law, recalculation of military pensions

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Military attorney

With the aggravation of the military situation in eastern Ukraine, more and more questions began to arise in the field of military law. If earlier this was not so urgent, then since 2014, the issues of military service, admission to a contract, mobilization have become very relevant and important for a large part of the population.

After all, the information that is freely available is not always true. And when we do not know our rights, then we cannot protect them.

When should you contact a military lawyer?

They actively began to use the help of a military lawyer and receive advice from military lawyers in 2014, when the mobilization was announced. After all, for the citizens it was new and not entirely clear.

With a large number of questions related to military service, the need to find an answer to them has increased.

For example, on the Internet there is a lot of information about the contract service, the possibilities, but there is not a word about the pitfalls that may arise. There is no explanation for how to break the contract, get the help of a lawyer for military personnel, take advantage of the statutory benefits, and much more.

It is for the purpose of protecting the rights of citizens during military service that you should contact a military lawyer. After all, the solution of a particular situation depends on how quickly we find the right specialist.Chernikov Dmitry

It is worth noting that in most cases it is not the servicemen themselves who turn to a lawyer in military affairs, but their relatives are ready to help sort out the situation that has developed. After all, the servicemen themselves often simply do not have the opportunity to receive qualified legal assistance.

When do you need the services of a military lawyer?

  • In the case when there are grounds for exemption from military service, and the military registration and enlistment office does not take them into account; for example, health conditions, college or other;
  • In the case when a contract is signed on the passage of military service, so as not to miss important points;
  • In the event that the guarantees and benefits for military personnel or members of their families provided for by law are not observed.

Looking through the judicial practice, we can conclude that most of all servicemen turn to the judicial authorities for violation of their rights to pay compensation for unused vacations, non-payment of assistance in full until May 5, and others. That is, they still turn to a military lawyer in Ukraine for advice and use their services.

Of course, if properly applied to the court, such cases have the right to be successful. But this requires a long way to go. Often it comes to the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

And in such cases, the professional legal assistance of a military lawyer is indispensable. In such cases, the help of not just a lawyer is needed, but a lawyer for military personnel, who is understood in the intricacies of military law and can help resolve a complex dispute.

What services can be obtained when contacting a military lawyer and what is needed for this

  • Legal advice on military law on a matter of interest
  • Assistance in the preparation of appeals, inquiries and other legal documents
  • Support in the pre-trial settlement of the dispute
  • Preparation of procedural documents, if necessary, go to court
  • Legal support during the trial in all instances
  • Support in the execution of court decisions
  • Military legal aid can be obtained even by telephone.
  • Frequent appeal to a military lawyer in Ukraine:
  • Regarding non-receipt of a certificate of a participant in hostilities;
  • Regarding non-receipt of land plots;
  • Regarding non-receipt of discounts on utility bills
  • About non-receipt of benefits and so on.

Military legal aid can be obtained even by telephone.

Frequent referrals to a military lawyer in Ukraine:

  • Regarding non-receipt of a combat participant certificate;
  • Regarding non-receipt of land plots;
  • Regarding non-receipt of a discount on utility bills
  • Regarding non-receipt of benefits, etc.

The result of contacting a lawyer

It is worth noting that if you need to prove your innocence in court, then persons who have certificates of a participant in hostilities are exempt from paying court fees, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Court Fees”.

But not only with questions of civil and administrative law, they turn to a military lawyer in Ukraine. Often, help is needed in criminal law. If in the field of civil and administrative legal relations it is still possible to delay obtaining legal assistance, then under criminal law, delay can lead to unpredictable consequences.

If there is the slightest doubt that the right is being violated, then there is no need to wait, but to use high-quality legal assistance. After all, timely appeal is the key to success and the best protection of the client’s interests.

A military lawyer in Kiev will provide military legal advice and military legal assistance for anyone who needs it. And in connection with the development of technology, legal assistance can be obtained from the comfort of your home, using your phone, e-mail or social networks.

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