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Probate lawyer

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Probate lawyer

Although the purpose of drawing up a will is to dot the “and” with respect to the property of the testator, often the presence of a document, on the contrary, complicates the process of inheritance. A probate lawyer is a specialist who helps both in resolving disputes between heirs and in preventing such conflicts.

What services does a lawyer under the will of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm offer?

Our specialist has two areas of work:

assistance in drafting a will and organizing the certification of a document by a notary, including the preparation of complex wills (secret, with a condition, shared with a spouse, and so on);

challenging and invalidating the will in court within the framework of representation of the interested person (potential heir).

For your information! The main goal of attracting a lawyer at the stage of drawing up a will is to exclude clauses with an ambiguous interpretation in the content of the document, to clearly indicate numbers, facts, full name, terms, addresses, and so on. If circumstances require, the lawyer organizes the notarial certification of the document by will, the visit of the notary to the testator.

What issues can be resolved by legal advice on a will?

A conversation with a lawyer is an opportunity to get clarification on the legal rules governing the procedure for inheritance by will.

Important! If a potential heir turns to a specialist, whose interests were not taken into account or infringed upon by the will, in a number of cases the possibilities of recognizing the document as invalid are considered.

A probate lawyer in consultation clarifies the following points:

Is the client included in the circle of persons who have the right to challenge the will?

Have you missed the statute of limitations for filing a claim in court?

The goal is to invalidate the will in full or only some of its clauses?

What circumstances overwhelmed the drawing up of a will with such content (for example, a quarrel between the heir and the deceased)?

Are there grounds to prove the presence of a flaw in the will of the testator?

Legal advice on the will and further assistance of the lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is an effective support for a potential heir in various situations.

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Can a will be challenged before the death of the testator?


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Is the obligatory share in the inheritance allocated regardless of the will?


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Even a notary does not read the text of a secret will after it has been drawn up?

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