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Criminal Lawyer

In what cases is consultation or assistance of a criminal lawyer required?

If you have been searched, summoned for questioning, accused of something, or you simply need consultation (help, services) of a criminal lawyer in order to insure yourself for the future.

We recommend concluding a contract with a criminal lawyer in advance, as all urgent investigative and search actions are often conducted unexpectedly.


Assistance of a criminal lawyer. What is it needed for?

A criminal lawyer in criminal cases understands all its features and can find grounds for closing it, or reclassify it into administrative legal relations or civil law. Also, good criminal lawyers in Kyiv (Prykhodko and Partners law firm) can know the specifics of the investigation better than other lawyers or criminal lawyers, because most of our lawyers and criminal lawyers are former investigators or prosecutors.

The criminal lawyer of the “Prykhodko and Partners” law firm is an experienced criminal lawyer who knows how to solve problems at a high level and is guaranteed to help you, and the consultation on a criminal case will be clear and professional for you.


Legal assistance in a criminal case. Important aspects of consulting a criminal lawyer.

1.  Quality

A criminal lawyer in Kyiv is a special category of lawyers, because central law enforcement agencies are concentrated in Kyiv – the Prosecutor General’s Office (General Prosecutor’s Office), the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), the Bureau of Economic Security (BEB), Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Ministry of Internal Affairs (Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs). Therefore, criminal lawyers must be of the highest possible level, have a thorough knowledge of legislation, court practice, understand the methodology of investigating criminal cases (criminal proceedings), and most importantly, criminal lawyers (Kyiv) – have connections in law enforcement agencies.

2.  Term

Legal assistance in a criminal case is always quick and constructive solutions. There is never too much time in criminal cases, a criminal lawyer must act quickly and confidently. If your criminal lawyer does not know the answers to your questions during the consultation, or takes time, then we recommend not dealing with such specialists – this will lead to big problems.

3.  The price of a lawyer’s consultation

What is the cost of the services of a criminal lawyer and consultation, assistance, services of a criminal lawyer? In reality, it is difficult to answer this question, some people charge $100 an hour, and some charge $500. Someone works for the result, for which they ask from 5 to 10 thousand US dollars, and someone works hourly without any guarantees. Here it is important to remember that the price of a criminal lawyer may vary, but it must be reasonable. If there are good reviews of a criminal lawyer on the Internet, a criminal lawyer in Kyiv has a good, solid office, people work for such a lawyer, the lawyer shows material that the criminal case is closed due to other circumstances, then this is evidence that the criminal lawyer in Kyiv is a professional and consultation (help, services) in a criminal case will be of high quality and worth the money.

4.  Guarantees

Criminal law lawyer (Kyiv AB Prykhodko and partners) always works for results. Can a criminal lawyer give guarantees – legally no! This is corruption! In fact, a criminal lawyer can guarantee that he will do his job well and include a success fee in the legal aid agreement. For example, you can agree with a lawyer that the services (Legal assistance in a criminal case) end with some specific result – closing the criminal case, removing the arrest from the property, returning the confiscated funds to their owner, canceling the suspicion, etc. And for this result, you pay a success fee. That is, you do not pay anything in advance, but only pay a success fee for the result. Here are guarantees for you in criminal cases!

Criminal case legal assistance

  • Preparation of a plan and strategy for protection against law enforcement agencies
  • Legal support in law enforcement agencies and communication for you with an investigator, prosecutor or operative
  • Protecting you from pressure from law enforcement officers, preparing complaints against them to regulatory bodies
  • Accompanying and preparing you for investigative actions (search, interrogation, court)
  • Control of your rights during detention, interrogation, search
  • Development of procedural documents and their submission to investigative bodies or court
  • Defense in court or at the court of inquiry
  • Help in gathering evidence to prove your innocence
  • Search and interview of witnesses, as well as submission of requests to the investigator for the purpose of their interrogation
  • Interviewing witnesses and checking existing testimony
  • Examination of the evidence collected by the investigation and its recognition as inappropriate and inadmissible
  • Collection and demand through attorney requests or temporary access to the information you need
  • Calculation of damage caused by criminal proceedings and its recovery in court by filing a civil lawsuitCriminal Lawyer - urb 4421 scaled


Consultations (help, services) of lawyers in criminal cases of JSC “Prikhodko and Partners” are always confidential!

We always guarantee that all information provided by them is protected by attorney confidentiality and will not be disclosed to other persons under any circumstances. We guarantee that every specialist who will work on your issue (lawyer, lawyer, assistant, intern, etc.) will keep all the data you have given us strictly confidential.


The services of a criminal lawyer at the “Prykhodko and Partners” law firm are always quality!

A high-quality criminal lawyer will always prepare a defense strategy, agree it with the client, find weak points in criminal cases and be able to prepare high-quality procedural documents so that the criminal case is closed as a result.


The assistance of a lawyer in criminal proceedings of JSC “Prykhodko and Partners” is always professionalism!

The professionalism of consultation (help, services) of criminal lawyers depends on their experience. We employ former prosecutors and investigators who know the system inside out. Our team also includes professional criminal lawyers with acquittals and a number of closed cases. We know exactly how to help the client and will be able to prove it.


Consultation of a criminal law firm at the “Pryhodko and Partners” law office is always prompt!

A criminal lawyer in Kyiv is the main profile of the work of our lawyers. Each of them has their own car, each of them has the motivation to solve the problem and collect their fee, each of them has enough experience to work quickly, each of them has enough connections to be one step ahead of other lawyers and law enforcement officers.

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Prikhodko Andrey
Managing partner

Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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